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  1. You can try and bend the leaf spring first, so it offers more resistance. That has given me good results in some cases.
  2. Since the question is in the AEG area, I'd say not that much as in GBBs. IF you have a full cylinder and a 460mm barrel (+/-) you are probably getting the most you can out of it. Anything shorter will probably give you less velocity, and anything longer won't change much until it's so long it starts to be detrimental. Ideally, you have to match cylinder volume with inner barrel volume to get the best out of it.
  3. Well, just the o-ring is a considerable change. Thanks.
  4. If anything, it's just another way of keeping our interest in the hobby alive. Good in my book.
  5. Here's hoping they do something other than a Glock.
  6. This is what I was told by a friend that lived and practiced airsoft there for a short while. Some try to explain Marui's planning with "the japanese market" but it seems that's a repeated myth. Japanese that want those features just get other guns without demanding the features from Marui. Marui still sells what they produce, so why worry. Airsoft being a small part of their brand, that financial support is all they need. All in all, a pity. They could really, really outshine everyone else.
  7. That's interesting. Do you think adding the possibility for an easy spring change would be so dangerous, legally speaking? I'm sure they have speed limits as well, and that most cars in Japan are well able to break the limits. Maybe it's different with model guns. Interesting input. Thanks a lot.
  8. I probably wouldn't modify it either. Not because they didn't make it easy, but because as they are designed, they run very well, and only tend to fail when tampered with. In the long run, once opened, new bushings/bearings, and making the back-end QD ready wouldn't take much. The piston just requires the cut at the top, so it's all solveable. Is it needed? Probably not. Would it be nice? Sure. As nice as the electronics, the trigger design to make the switch last forever, the geared recoil system and other smart design choices they cared to include.
  9. Exactly the point. They did very innovative things (for Marui) and included electronics that are not new to the market, but they implemented them very neatly, and they went overboard and engineered some very neat solutions as well, like the geared recoil weight. Then they kept stuff that literally nobody else, except very, very, very cheap brands keep, like polymer in running parts. Impressive ups and disappointing downs. Nothing new for Marui? Wrong conclusion. They do new stuff all the time. Not surprising? Maybe for some. Are you not surprised about the electronics? They didn't do th
  10. Good ol' Marui. They could have put a QD spring change that could be used with just one main pin out. Instead, they chose NOT to so you have to disassemble the whole gun to access to the spring. Also, plastic bushings and plastic piston... They are so awesome and so disappointing at the same time.
  11. It's weird that Novri* is also launching a P90 that's not a Marui clone. Or is it? It will be interesting to see how they compare.
  12. Yes, it works right on on E&L AKs.
  13. Sadly enough I don't have a big YT channel and I don't really know directly anyone that has one. Maybe try Scoutthedoggie? Of all I know that'd be the one I'd trust the most. If they work nice you could consider producing them industrially, maybe. Printing has always seemed crude to me unless really expensive machines are used.
  14. You've hurt me like nobody else could.
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