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  1. I don't have classic 74 mags. Oh well.
  2. I came a little.
  3. First thought: Cheap mags for the TM.
  4. Furniturizing. Too bad the AIMS stock I got won't fit this body.
  5. Well, guys that did the P90 CGI don't really know how a supressor works.
  6. By the time they hit Europe I expect them to be at 600€ +/-
  7. And yet, not even the 805 got a similar gearbox. About the Marui, I'll probably get it when it comes out. Pushing it 40fps higher shouldn't be that bad for the internals, but what really bugs me is the fact that they didn't care to use stamped steel for the receiver yet they went with aluminium for the front.
  8. Wingmann

    CZ Picture Thread

    It indeed is pretty heavy.
  9. Well, not bad news overall. It seems they created a nice up-to-date package with the MP5 and surely some other models will follow suit.
  10. ICS has got the CES-P, which is steel, but there's only one "real looking" model.
  11. If that MP5 is a GBB, I'll be all over it, and it probably is, since the grip is quite thin when compared to the trigger guard. Glocks are the invention of the Devil, so I got nothing about that.
  12. https://www.hyperdouraku.com/event/marufes_ol4/teaser.html
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