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  1. 9-hole reviews did a good video about it too.
  2. Maybe I'll try them. I break mines easily. Mechanix of all types, Ironclad, Nomex surplus...
  3. You are a valiant man. I wouldn't buy anything with VFC and gas written on the same side of the box.
  4. It depends on the fps limitations in your country/field.
  5. Wingmann


    I built a 416 Geissele and I sold it, and then I built this, and I will sell it, because I like them, but I don't use them :/
  6. Vector Optics are nice indeed. I have four different T1 style and they work perfectly fine.
  7. It got silenced not for style, but because it was the only way to make it shoot decently enough by doubling the inner barrel's length and using a 4/5 cylinder.
  8. I don't think I posted my own G2. Time to bring back the red carpet.
  9. It all goes down to how good those motors turn now, but yeah, generally speaking a decent 7.4 should be enough.
  10. If you want to improve the sale, buy a LiPo of similar dimensions. You'll surely find 11.1v models that are like that or smaller. For the K you'll need a 170x18x10 or similar that fits in the top space. That will have to be a 7.4v LiPo most likely, but maybe you'll also find a 11.1v of similar dimensions.
  11. What I want to know is who makes that EFCS. It's marked by DE, but I've seen it in a brand called Poseidon, which has or had a line of Punisher 1-3 rifles. They called it Trident EFCS in those.
  12. Sand blasting is probably best. Submerging the bare slide in adequate solvent for the type of paint would be a close second.
  13. If you want to keep entertained, I have two, one Marui and one Double Whatever, that leak.
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