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  1. I mean this style. I didn't think it was that new... There are other brands I could use, but I thought Guarder was easier.
  2. Won't you happen to have a Guarder's 1911 classic thumb safety, by any chance?
  3. A teammate's Marui AKM GBBR with new furniture.
  4. Bitumen of Judea applied by scumbling (I had to look that up) strokes with a brush. Then they were sprayed with matt varnish.
  5. Make this into this
  6. Build and paintjob for a team member's 10 year old Kalash.
  7. The stock is a copy of JMAC's https://www.jmac-customs.com/ss-8-stock-for-4-5mm-folding-aks/ The adaptor is different, but it seems to have a hole on the proper side for the catch.
  8. The red rug is like a regular sedan. Only fits four.
  9. Wingmann


    They sure look the part.
  10. I ended up getting one AIMS so the whole set in the AKM had the same wood and I could use the other one I had. AKM has the original 18:1 gears shortstroked 3 teeth, full metal rack piston + alu head and a Perun V3 hybrid. AIMS has 16:1 SHS gears shortstroked 3 teeth, full metal rack piston + alu head and a Titan V3 basic.
  11. Well, if you solved it you shouldn't feel stupid Some AK models have a space at the very back to route the cables, some have to be routed much farther to the front, but in all cases they have to let the selector move freely.
  12. Fortunately we don't live close enough so we don't have to share the banks!
  13. Well, I think you can safely ignore the rear selector gears. Then you have the right side assembly, which only needs to be aligned, and then the left side with the selector plate and the spring that locks the disconnector. Check if the selector plate, the spring and the disconnector interact properly. I don't think any of the other parts are of importance here.
  14. Without seeing it directly, I'd say it has something to do with how the trolley interacts with the rest of the trigger assembly. Be sure everything is ok after you cleaned those contacts. The disconector shouldn't have any trouble dislogding the trolley from the rail. Is the return spring of the trolley properly installed and not hitting anything?
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