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  1. Wingmann

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I probably check these fora every two days or so. And I still publish the news I find, here.
  2. Wingmann

    LCT AK electric blowback kit is out

    Hmmm this in my RPK...
  3. Wingmann

    Current G series 'bestest modl'

    I received both KP-13Cs yesterday. I'll do some shooting tomorrow and see how they perform. The pistol is light enough, and the grip is excellent, even smaller than I thought.
  4. Wingmann

    TM compatible 1911 metal frame with rail?

    You can always try to import from China. Tiger111 and others use to have the whole inventory.
  5. Wingmann

    TM compatible 1911 metal frame with rail?

    Nova, most likely. Ready your wallet. Tanio Koba has a plastic one for sure. A full Army R28 would cost you about the same as the Koba, and you can use the frame only...
  6. Wingmann

    Current G series 'bestest modl'

    I'm taking notes here. We'll probably order a couple of KP-13C (lightened slide, no threaded barrel). I HATE Glock grip angles, so the CZ design is a big plus for me.
  7. Wingmann

    Colt M45A1..Which one to buy?

    I've had the R27 (MEU) for a while and it keeps going. I guess they will fail at some point, but there are as many parts as there are for everything Marui.
  8. Wingmann

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    The PPQ worked nice for me. VFC has bad rap from their GBB rifles/SMGs mostly, but I never cared about their pistols much.
  9. Wingmann

    Colt M45A1..Which one to buy?

    Check out the Army Armament models. They don't have a specific M45A1, but they have a couple that are close enough. 100% Marui compatible, but metal.
  10. Wingmann

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    Damn, I saw a picture with the Mk46 characteristics but I can't find it anymore. CNC gearbox, stop on empty, stop on tray opening, stop on barrel removal, FET, all alu construction... There was an image with all that info. Edit: Found the text (not my translation) Specs : (translation incoming) ● New gearbox ● CNC machines aluminum body, rails and parts  ■ Real size ● The gearbox is a complete new full torque design for the「Mk.46 Mod.0」 ● Recoil shock unit is twice stronger as the usual recoil engine that equips the TM rifles ● Custom motif based on a high cycle motor ● FET with sensors  ■ auto stop function when magazine is empty  ■ 2 safeties added   1. Trigger stop when opening the barrel for battery changing   2. Trigger stop when opening the feed cover for adjusting the hop up ● Charging handle gimmick ● Realistic barrel disassembly ● 1000 bbs box magazine included  ■ electric BB remote using AAA batteries  ■ CNC aluminum dummy carts included that moves when the machine gun is shot or can be removed ● Bipod included ● 6.6kg including battery ● Uses stick battery Spare magazine should be released too along spare dummy carts.
  11. Wingmann

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    That's a nice wish. I wish Dominique Tipper was here for lunch, and I think I have better chances than you do
  12. Here's the sneak peek. At first sight, AKS47 (NextGen maybe), FNX45 (GBB?) and Colt Double Eagle (springer?)
  13. The one that was going to be launched in August? Yeah, it will be nice someday
  14. Wingmann

    LCT RPK - fell apart mid-game!

    No. Actually I posted that solution two days ago, just without threading. A hole for them to go in would suffice.

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