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  1. Take a look at Specna Arms, CYMA Platinum, Saigo and other similar brands that have decent internals and externals and some or most of the bells and whistles you want in a modern rif. Marui launched their MWS system some years ago and it's a robust and stable platform, if you are into GBBs. The system has already been copied by CYMA and Double Bell, so there are cheaper alternatives as well. Green gas is still green gas, there are way more electronic solutions around, but other than that it's the same hobby. Enjoy
  2. I'd post in the HK thread, but this one is less used
  3. Is that a real OKP-7? Where did you get it? Thanks!
  4. Wingmann


    It mutates and mutates and mutates...
  5. This kit was probably a 2020 one, maybe late 2019.
  6. I used the stock one. I don't recall having problems with it, really. What I had to change was the outer barrel. The Guarder one wasn't smooth at all with the action, but I tried a KJW one and it's like butter.
  7. Yes. I finally found the safety I was missing, which was the last part they released.
  8. Yeah, I'm not overly happy with it, although the Vector Forester is lighter than the VisionKing I have and it's worked for a whole morning without problems as it is. Ideally I want to find a mount that sits half between the Geissele 1.5 and the 1.93.
  9. Wingmann

    CZ Picture Thread

    I was tempted to post this in the AK thread and watch it burn, but I'll be a good boy and post here instead
  10. A teammate's Marui AKM GBBR with new furniture.
  11. Bitumen of Judea applied by scumbling (I had to look that up) strokes with a brush. Then they were sprayed with matt varnish.
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