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I designed my own Placard - OEM by FirstSpear


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Ta muchly.  If anyone has any questions not covered by the products description, just ask.  If anyone picks one up, let me know what you think and any social media coverage (if you have suich things) will go a long way.

I'm not sure if I'm meant to mention this, but the price in future (if TK orders more) will actually be even higher sadly, more like 100; my wholesale price is literally a fraction of that.  With import VAT and fees, then VAT again at sale, I think they're just about breaking even at this current price, literally a sliver of profit perhaps.  They only ordered amounts just about breaking in to the double digits, so if anyone's interested I quite genuinely would recommend not waiting, for UK/Europe purchases this is as good as it's ever gonna be right now.

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