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  1. My second Striker arrived this week after 105 days without a tracking update, so... Now to order the OEG and beg @junglejimto make steel barrels. For anyone that's interested in making steel barrels, you can purchase steel tube with a 17mm ID (about right) and a 25mm OD (a bit undersize for a Striker, which have insanely thick barrels, but not far off) off the shelf, which is much cheaper than having parts gun-drilled and honed.
  2. Partially sold. 10 caps and 10 hulls remaining. Prices: £4.50 plus shipping for each pack of 5 hulls, or £9.00 including shipping for all 10. £11.00 plus shipping for 5 end caps, or £20.00 including shipping for all 10.
  3. Interesting. What mods did the upper need to work with the VT?
  4. You're a hero, thank you! I've ordered 3x1, 3x1.5 and 3x2mm options to see what fits best.
  5. @CatgutViolin Could you go into a bit more detail about the bolt catch modification? Mine is doing the same sort of thing (not wanting to snap back down after being engaged) so I'd like to make the same fix, if yours works well!
  6. Octagon are so variable. They took my money for King Arms Galil magazines that they didn't ship for three months. The next time they shipped me an absolutely unobtanium DM870 after a week. Bizarre.
  7. Accessory/Make: Custom Condition: Used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £20.00 Pictures: As below, more available upon request. For sale is a custom machinist-made tool for planishing out the magazine restriction dents pressed into Remington 870 shotguns as well some airsoft replicas thereof, including the Dominator DM870. It can also be used as a jig for sanding welds and the face of the barrel lug, allowing magazine extensions to sit straight on the end of the magazine tube. This was professionally lathe-custom-machined from EN1A mild steel, and has been use
  8. Accessory/Make: APS CAM870 Shell Spare Parts Condition: New Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Yes/Yes/No Price/Payment: £50.00 for 25 end caps, £15.00 for 20 hulls, split pricing below Pictures: As below, more available upon request. For sale are 25 APS CAM870 shell end caps and 20 APS CAM870 shell hulls. These have been removed from brand new CAM870 smart shells, but I believe they are compatible with original Mk.I and Mk.II shells also. If in any doubt, double-check with APS. Some of the caps have very minor marks from the pin spanner used to remove them. One of the maroon shell cap
  9. @renegadecow That's truly blursed. I think it would lean further towards blessed if you could rejoin the two halves of the stock. This would allow a magazine well, which would provide extra surface area for MLP stickers, which would lean it back towards cursed and rebalance it.
  10. KSC System 7 M11-A1. Alpha Parts steel kit (upper and lower receiver, stock, outer barrel, front pin, sling mount, grip panel and grip screw), East Asia front strap, @junglejim custom short magazine. Now who wants to sell me a KSC or King Arms (KA-SIL-16, the single-stage one) suppressor for this thing?
  11. Make: KSC Gun/Model: System 7 SIG Sauer SIG Pro 2022 Accessories: 3x Magazine, Volante Airsoft complete hop-up/inner barrel set, Shooters Design CNC aluminium slide and outer barrel kit Condition: Mint FPS: Gas dependent, <350fps Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £200 + Shipping Pictures: As below, more available on request. For sale is a KSC System 7 SIG Sauer SIG Pro 2022. Long out of production (though some spare parts and magazines are still available), this pistol is extremely rare. The only other SP2022 replica is a KWC NBB. This is an Asian-market replica
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