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  1. PureSilver

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    That's a bit lame, as is watching BBs bounce off that plastic bad... Is the Marui optic BB- resistant?
  2. PureSilver

    CZ Picture Thread

    When I tried one it was so stiff I thought it was broken. When I forced it into motion it was like dragging rebar through a swimming pool full of broken concrete.
  3. PureSilver

    KJW P226 E2 Grips

    If they're the same as the TM style, they are two-piece. Get a thumbnail between them (at the top or bottom of the backstrap) and prise them apart - they're held together by roll pins.
  4. I thought I'd leave a brief review of Dekowaffenhandel Türk, an Austrian dealer in military surplus. As you're probably guessing, it's because I've had an absolute nightmare of a time dealing with them with a very unsatisfactory result, and I want to warn users to steer well clear of them. The retailer has the same problem as other European militaria dealers (especially ZiB Militaria, who I also dealt with) in that you can only get in contact with them via e-mail (the telephone numbers simply direct you to the website) and e-mail communication with them is tortuously slow. However, Dekowaffenhandel Türk are spectacularly bad even by these incredibly low standards: although you'll eventually get an answer from enquiries submitted via the website, you will never get a reply to a reply. The owner (it's a one-man band) ignores e-mails, especially once he has your money. In my particular case: I contact him in advance to find out whether or not a specific item is available. He assures me that it is. I ask him how to ensure I get the specific item, and not a generic alternative. He tells me to specify on the order form. I place the order. As requested I specify on the order form. I pay. When I notify him I've paid, I repeat that I want a specific item, and that if it is not available, not to send me a generic alternative. I receive a generic item. He starts ignoring my e-mails. By the time he deigns to answer one, the two-week return period has expired. He resumes ignoring my e-mails. The situation is never resolved. I can't stress this enough: don't buy anything from this guy. There is nothing he has that you can't get elsewhere without getting ripped off.
  5. PureSilver

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My Recoil Shock is a true Block I clone, so I have both of these accessories. Even in 2015 the G&G AN/PEQ-5 was basically impossible to get - KIC, where I got mine, have since sold out - and they were literally the only place I could find that had them. Back when I was looking used RS ones were horrifically expensive (>$700) for what they are, and they're still pretty expensive even now. I only got my KAC sliding stock adapter in November of last year, from FireSupport, but it looks like they've since sold out too. KIC spoke to G&P directly on my behalf and established that the part was long discontinued. You can still get RS ones and it's not wildly expensive ($45ish) by KAC's admittedly extremely low standards.
  6. PureSilver

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Iron Airsoft made a 20DS back in 2013 that I really wanted, but could never even remotely justify paying $700 for. It went into the "want but no way" pile along with CRW's steel Colt Detective Special ($1,550), and QRF's steel Colt Python ($1,650). I'd still like a Rhino, but I don't like WinGun much. I doubt I'd be prepared to pay what it would cost to build one of these to the standard I'd be prepared to buy it at... Which is probably the quintessential airsoft complaint.
  7. PureSilver

    MODIFY PP-2000 GBB

    They already make spring sniper rifles - their MOD24 is the basis for Novritsch's SSG24 - and it looks like they make a few AEGs, too. How much of their range they actually make is anyone's guess. Looking at the spares they sell, my guess is they make the MOD24s in-house and contract out parts (especially the gearboxes) of the AEGs. There's no way the retailer is handing over preorder cash to the manufacturer - that leaves the retailer owing the customer money if the manufacturer goes under. The retailer's just going to sit on the extra cashflow until such time as you ask for it back or they actually have the stock to send you. It wouldn't be Modify (Zeta Labs) you'd need to worry about, it would be WGC. Ordinarily I'd scoff at the idea of a major HK retailer going bankrupt, but we did just lose eHA...
  8. PureSilver

    Glock Picture Thread

    G19, G17 and G34. All of them in excess of $360... EDIT: For reference, Guarder's steel G19, G17 and G34 slides are $140-$185. The price difference between the two leaves you enough left over to buy one of their new complete lower frames. You'd need to add a nozzle, hop-up unit and inner barrel but you get very nearly a completely upgraded gun for the price of a single slide set.
  9. PureSilver

    GHK AK(M) Compatibility with real parts?

    RC, are the WE GBBR AKs RS dimensions?
  10. PureSilver

    Guarder new TM Glock GEN3 frames

    New frame (with Guns Modify aluminium trigger, but otherwise stock): just under 200g. Old frame: just over 220g. In the hand, with just the frame (no magazine or upper assembly), the difference is quite noticeable because the weight is all concentrated up front.
  11. PureSilver

    Guarder new TM Glock GEN3 frames

    If anyone's interested, I bought one of these from Rainbow8. I stripped it down next to another Guarder frame containing literally every upgrade part Guarder make, so I've had the opportunity to compare the two. The tl;dr is: The front chassis is totally different. Instead of being a steel assembly, it's largely plastic with one bent stamped stainless steel insert (front rails) and one machined stainless steel insert over the trigger pin. The serial number tag is shorter. You can cut a regular Guarder one to size to fit. There's no room under the new front chassis for the TM-style serial plate which engages the safety. The serial number supplied is the Guarder one which appears on most of their slides - if you want to match the TM one, Guns Modify make a serial plate with the TM number. The gun uses a true third pin, not the fake pin ends used by all other frames. This pin retains the spring for the trigger bar, and also adds tension to the slide release spring. All the springs are the same as previous types except the trigger bar spring, which is different and a lot stronger. Both the trigger and third pins are notched, and are a real *bramston pickle* to hammer out. None of the pins in the gun are knurled. The rear of the frame is slightly different. I didn't try to cross-fit the rear chassis but I bet they aren't compatible. Overall parts compatibility with existing Guarder parts is pretty good, except for the trigger bar spring. Triggers etc. are normal, and I reckon zero hammers and the like will probably fit. Overall I'm pretty happy, except for the fact the thing arrived absolutely bone dry.
  12. PureSilver

    GHK AK(M) Compatibility with real parts?

    You might be able to make it fit but it will look like *albatross*. You can see in GRIM's album (linked in the Reddit post above) how the top cover ends about 5mm from the end of the receiver, which with all due respect to GRIM, looks stupid. Asura Dynamics make an airsoft-spec clone of the TWS and as far as I'm concerned buying that instead is a complete no-brainer. I'm afraid I don't have a definitive answer on the gas tube but frankly if a bit of wobble is the major issue I'd be tempted to put some electrical tape (or at most, some JB Weld, and sand that to fit) on it to tighten it up. I have sort of learned from bitter experience that trying to jam parts from different manufacturers together is fraught with difficulty, expense and frustration, and you're almost always better trying to improve what you have rather than swapping it out.

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