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  1. I'm also eagerly awaiting the Northeast UZI, and potentially considering making a DOE for its magazines... I already have DH'd UZI mags (for my KWC) but if I'm selling the KWC, I'll sell the mags with it...
  2. I have indeed run into exactly that issue. I could in theory drill and tap it for a locking screw (to prevent it rotating) but it’s a rare part and that’s an ugly modification... Obviously the desirable approach would be to cut down another Hephaestus barrel to use for the Commando/regular configurations, and then use a proper grade of Loctite to secure the HBAR to this Hephaestus (which it’s timed to). That way I could complete a proper assembly with a longer inner barrel etc., but that’s all dependent on my being able to get another steel gas block for the second assembly, which as per
  3. Apologies for barging in on your thread, but I figured it would be minimally less disruptive than having to make a whole new Pictures thread, since those have all been archived. Further apologies for the terrible photography, but your GHK HBAR is no longer a lonely soul! Incidentally, if you want a very-slightly-messed with steel gas block at a big discount, buzz me.
  4. Trying to decide between grabbing an orange one and dying it black, and waiting for a potentially forthcoming black one...
  5. Oh man, I've been there. Twice? Three times? They're kinda blurring together at this point.
  6. I don't really like this thing, but that Auto Mag front end is amazing.
  7. That 1903 is a thing of sheer beauty. What's the G&G like to shoot?
  8. The Sword & Gun Law is apparently a bit vague on this. WE pistols are apparently popular in Japan, because shops are prepared to interpret the law as referring only to ferrous metals. Cast iron sounds absolutely bizarre, but on the other hand, large steel MIM parts sounds equally odd, if not more so. Why make the magazines out of what sounds like billet aluminium?!
  9. Damnit. Oh well - at least I saved €50 plus shipping!
  10. Yes. Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006: 38. Meaning of "realistic imitation firearm" (1) In sections 36 and 37 “realistic imitation firearm” means an imitation firearm which— (a) has an appearance that is so realistic as to make it indistinguishable, for all practical purposes, from a real firearm[.] (7) In this section— “real firearm” means— (b) something falling within a description which could be used for identifying, by reference to their appearance, the firearms falling within a category of actual modern firearms
  11. Receiver will almost certainly be aluminium, and I wouldn't buy one either for exactly that reason. That VTuber has the highest-pitched voice I've ever heard, although I suppose they have the technology to turn Marui Man and his increasingly alarming haircut into the vocalist from Hamster Dance. Agreed on most things, but the AR-pattern Recoil Shocks are still absolutely peerless, which is why... The ZET system is also interesting, so if it's a GBBR HK416 that could be interesting.
  12. I haven't tried this with the 1911 version of the Stratos. However, I have done this with the Glock Stratos, with a PGC slide and outer barrel set. I've tried it with both green gas (sensible) and CO2 (absolutely violent). The Glock version of the Stratos ships with recoil buffers, and I fitted them - without them, with CO2 the PGC slide was hitting the front chassis with such force it was deforming the slide at the impact points. I don't believe the 1911 version ships with recoil buffers - or at least, mine didn't. The gun I was going to use mine in (it doesn't fit) is a Mafioso Airsoft
  13. TM are teasing three new products on their site. They'll be unveiled on the 17th of July in an online presentation, because coronavirus, hosted by a virtual YouTube personality in the form of a busty anime redhead in fatigues, because Japan. Owing to the intense creepiness of the scarred sort-of-3D VTuber I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone watch the actual product launch, so here are the teasers. Number one is an AKM's front sight. This is almost certainly a GBBR companion to the MWS. Number two is a flat-top AR's charging handle. Accompanying this is text Google
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