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  1. Beautiful rifle. Do you have any close-ups of the way the torch is mounted?
  2. Where in God's name did you find that SureFire? Gorgeous pistol.
  3. I’m still not getting the kind of reliable function I want out of the bolt stop; the magnets are inconsistently either too strong or not strong enough. I’m thinking about converting it to a traditional spring-return design, probably by putting it on a stick that goes through the hole in the trigger box and putting a spring around the stick that pushes against a C-clip. I’ll let you know if that works for me.
  4. Is this gel-blaster or dart based? Where could one find it?
  5. PureSilver


    Interesting - I bought some steel Best Gun parts for my AUG last year and was very impressed. I’d never heard of the brand before that. What’s the rifle’s build quality like?
  6. Nice! Who did the engraving on your TiRant?
  7. If anyone is interested, I can confirm that I Rit-dyed my orange furniture with their nylon-specific product (DyeMore graphite) to a truly inky black. I kept mine stewing for about an hour; I recommend stirring with a plastic or wooden implement so as not to mar the surface of the plastic. If (like me) you stir with a metal spatula and put weird marks on your furniture, rubbing in a light layer of oil or CLP unifies the surface perfectly. I will probably order a set of factory black plastic at some point but for the moment the dyed stuff is absolutely pure black with no orange tint at all
  8. Thanks, this is extremely helpful in the sense that I've got a much better grip on the whole idea, and extremely unhelpful in that I now have to start robbing banks to buy one.
  9. Normally cocking issues with BASRs are down to wear on the sears. It sounds like your rifle also had that plastic ring as a spacer which, which might explain why the outer barrel is now loose. The M24 is largely VSR-based - you might have to settle for a Marui parts diagram. Here's a basic VSR-10 G-Spec.
  10. Unsure if I missed this, but what comp is that?
  11. Is this available on the stainless steel ones they make? The idea of finally getting a stainless steel Silverballer is extremely interesting.
  12. The SPP, which was specifically designed as a pistol, has a prominent finger stop and an extended muzzle device to reduce the chances of you accidentally shooting your own fingers off. Since the KSC SPP was discontinued the best base for a SPP-like build is the railed MP9, because if you pull the bottom rail off, that finger stop is hidden under there. Here's a KSC/KWA lower: The real cheek pistol prototypes demonstrated have flash hiders or suppressors to get your fingers away from the muzzle a bit.
  13. My second Striker arrived this week after 105 days without a tracking update, so... Now to order the OEG and beg @junglejimto make steel barrels. For anyone that's interested in making steel barrels, you can purchase steel tube with a 17mm ID (about right) and a 25mm OD (a bit undersize for a Striker, which have insanely thick barrels, but not far off) off the shelf, which is much cheaper than having parts gun-drilled and honed.
  14. Partially sold. 10 caps and 10 hulls remaining. Prices: £4.50 plus shipping for each pack of 5 hulls, or £9.00 including shipping for all 10. £11.00 plus shipping for 5 end caps, or £20.00 including shipping for all 10.
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