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  1. The KA is considerably more expensive, though - WGC want $437 for the full-length competition-style one, plus the upgraded steel innards are a further $110. Each Marui 'stendo is $40. A KA competition load (say the rifle, the steel and 3+2 mags) is $650; the WE would be $400. Granted the WE's not packing upgraded internals and it would probably need them, but that's still a sizeable price difference.
  2. That's a gorgeous rifle. How hard was it to find the parts?
  3. PureSilver


    Where’s your engraver based, if you don’t mind me asking?
  4. Oh, and I guess the other bullpup counts too! Silverback SRS-A1 G-Spec with Mancraft SDiK.
  5. GHK AUG A2 (OD) in small, medium, and large. Steel gas block, DevilHunter conversion, Black Widow hop-up unit with Maple Leaf inner barrel and rubber. Commando configuration with cut-down Hephaestus steel outer barrel and Best Gun steel flash hider. StG-77 configuration with Best Gun steel outer barrel extension and flash-hider. HBAR configuration with Hexagon Production steel HBAR outer barrel, bipod and flash hider.
  6. Why would it need a milling run? It sounds like a quick lathe job: get an appropriate length +5mm of pipe, thread it at the breech end +3mm, and then trim the end in hundredths until it will cycle without touching the breech touching the drum? If you can't get the pipe in the right OD, honing/gun-drilling companies are remarkably affordable for what they are. I'm contemplating having the gouge I put in my DM870 barrel honed out, provided it doesn't mess with the ID too much.
  7. This is a thing of beauty. Now that you know how to remove the cylinder, how hard do you think it will be to fit the OEG? Are you sure the factory cylinder is steel? The one in the Forgotten Weapons is very shiny - maybe aluminium, or stainless? How underweight is it? ETA: Watched another Forgotten Weapons video: At 02:13 he says it has an aluminium cylinder. It’s a slightly different model but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true of the earlier guns too.
  8. I have faith in your ability to remove the drum, that sight is too cool not to use.
  9. Accessory/Make: Laser Products Condition: Used, Fair Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £125.00 plus PayPal fees, free UK shipping Pictures: As below, more available upon request. For sale is a genuine Laser Products handguard for the Remington 870. This is a SureFire 618, from before SureFire was SureFire (Laser Products became SureFire in 1999). Perfect for SWAT impressions from the 1990-2000s. Drop-in fit for APS, Dominator, PPS (I think) and possibly others; other 870s can probably be modified to accept it, or this can be modified to fit them.
  10. I think this one was already live - maybe give this one a try when you've got a minute?
  11. I have to preface this by saying I only have about 200rds through it so far, and obviously I’ve somewhat altered it... It actually seems pretty nice. The only obviously horribly cheap bits are the hammer and trigger, which are serviceable but have nasty mould lines and an unconvincing "chrome" finish. These parts are 1911-compatible - I’ve already swapped the trigger for the Vorpal Bunny look, and will swap the hammer soon. Also, the recoil springs are far too weak. Guarder and Shooters Design make 150% ones that are inexpensive. For £80 this is bizarrely competent.
  12. A brief update (I think) on my Mafioso full-steel Kimber TLE II. It now sports VFC’s V1911 VLight, which is... mixed at best. The light housing itself is pretty robust (solid metal), but the actual lamp assembly sucks real bad. I think it’s a combination of an out-of-date LED and a bad TIR lens; I’m investigating updating both, and maybe selling an upgrade package for other people who want this light to be more than just a photo opportunity. I’m also looking at making the grip pressure pads the later original SureFires came with, as the push switches on the V1911 suck real bad. The gun
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