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  1. PureSilver

    Genuine Surplus AUG Stock & Furniture

    GHK AUG GBBR now sold. To clarify, this furniture almost fits the GHK AUG GBBR - the receiver needs to be shaved about 0.5mm, likewise the bolt. The magazine fits the well and locks in correctly. Some work would be required to seat the trigger pack.
  2. PureSilver

    GHK Steyr AUG A2

  3. Accessory/Make: Steyr / SME Condition: Surplus Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £250 Pictures: As below, more available upon request. For sale is a genuine select-fire AUG A1 stock and furniture in olive drab. This includes the stock, sling pin, buttpad and foregrip. These parts are military surplus and exhibit the usual wear, but remain in full working order. These parts are weapon furniture, and are not controlled items in the UK. I will ship these items internationally, but only upon confirmation that it is legal for you to receive them. These parts were made under license to Steyr by SME Ordnance for the Malaysian military. The rifle was replaced in Malaysian service by M4s, made under license to Colt by SME Ordnance, and the AUG A1s were surplussed. Purchase price of these parts exceeds £325. Also for sale is a GHK AUG GBBR (not included). This furniture is not a direct fit to the GHK, and a machinist would likely be required to do the job neatly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  4. PureSilver

    GHK Steyr AUG A2

    Make: GHK Gun/Model: AUG A2 Accessories: 1x 38rd magazine, 1x custom short sight rail Condition: Very good FPS: <350fps Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £350 Pictures: As below, more available on request. For sale is a GHK Steyr AUG A2. This is an exceptionally high-performance and reliable GBBR with unparalleled factory support. It is in very good unskirmished condition with very minimal wear, and functions as new. Included with the rifle is a 38rd green gas magazine. As standard the rifle is fitted with the AUG's 1.5x optical sight, which is crystal clear with no scratches. Also included with the rifle is a custom (3D-printed with threaded inserts) short Picatinny sight rail for use with aftermarket optics. This rifle has exceptional gas efficiency even by GHK's high standards, as you can see in the video below. This rifle retails for approximately £450 in Europe when it can be found in stock. Also for sale (not included) is a complete set of RS AUG furniture. This is not a direct fit to the GHK, and a machinist would probably be required to do the job neatly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  5. PureSilver

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    GHK's spares are second to none - you can get pretty much any individual component you like from Samoon, who I assume are either a factory outlet or the primary distributor. A few manufacturers take this approach - WE with KYAirsoft and KWC with SkyPro, although that seems to be broken at the moment... Silverback sell directly, KJW sell virtually any spare via support requests, KWA do a mix of both, I think. It's really only when you do have access to good factory support that you realise that some of the worst value for money in airsoft is the heinously expensive airsoft upgrades forced on you by the loss or breakage of tiny components you just can't get elsewhere. You didn't - sorry if I did too! There's no way this thing will kill the average airsoft Glock in the foreseeable future - most airsofters correctly assess their sidearm as a glorified holster-stuffer that never gets used and won't spend $350+ on one. TM are seemingly incapable of revising existing models, are legally prohibited from using ferrous metals in their handguns and can't even work their way up to GFP, let alone steel. What I'd like is if this style and grade of full-steel prebuild - where the gun is designed this way from the start and built this way from the factory - becomes common. There's no good reason why Nova, Mafioso, Detonator, PAC, FPR and the like couldn't start providing more advanced designs for the ludicrous amounts of money they charge.
  6. PureSilver

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    The aftermarket support isn't within GHK's control unless they junk their design and just make a TM clone. GHK can either strike out on their own, in which case the gun isn't compatible with TM parts, or they can make something compatible with the TM, in which case they have to cut corners to compete with WE and airsofters end up in the same place we did with the AR-15 AEG (where half of all airsoft guns sold are a straight clone of a 26-year-old design). GHK have attracted good aftermarket support of their original designs and their factory support is second to none. The price point isn't a free choice either. GHK can either make the gun the best they can make it and sell it on its own strengths ($350 is less than it costs to assemble a likely vastly inferior Guarder/Volante steel Glock), or they can cheap out and cut corners to bring the price down radically, in which case we would be left with a pot-metal G17 that wasn't compatible with TM parts and was still more expensive than a WE. Then let them ignore it. Chasing the lowest common denominairsofter has stunted innovation for a decade or more. We don't want or need GHK to eviscerate their guns to make them price competitive with WE any more than we want or need Sony to gut the PS5 to compete with the NES Classic.
  7. PureSilver

    Action Army Ruger MK IV GBB pistol

    They're very well-regarded; in particular, their VSR-10 hop-up is generally considered to be the best in a very competitive space. They've never made a GBB before, so it may be that their current reputation doesn't really tell us very much about the upcoming product.
  8. PureSilver

    wot am best SUSAT?

    I’m not aware of any clone but IIRC the Shields’ polycarbonate lenses are BB-proof. I remember them being specifically advertised as such by UK airsoft retailers.
  9. PureSilver

    wot am best SUSAT?

    The SUSAT (Sight Unit Small Arms, Trilux) was a 4x optic fitted to all SA80-series (now L85-series) carbines. At the time it was absolutely cutting-edge; I don't think another military fitted an optic as standard until the issue of the G36 12 years later in 1997. It's considered pretty horrible by modern standards (as, indeed, is the G36's), being astonishingly heavy for its capability, having extremely unforgiving eye relief and a reticle which obscures almost all of your target. This is almost certainly going on an L85 or contemporary British weapon, since ardrummer292 is (for some unknown reason) enthusiastic about British equipment. Although the ACOG was issued as an "Urgent Operational Requirement" during the war in Afghanistan, the SpectreDR is indeed current military issue. However, if he's doing an impression of British gear anywhere between 1985 and about 2005 he'll be stuck with the SUSAT.
  10. PureSilver

    Airsoft Glock Flux Brace clone, stop the presses!

    It might be more useful to quote the whole thing: It's one thing to complain about a company not making a product, another thing to complain about them not being allowed to ship it to you, but it's a bit entitled to complain that while they have gone to the effort of making it and the effort of arranging to be able to ship it to you, they haven't managed to negotiate the red tape quickly enough in your armchair opinion. Isn't the "laughably arbitrary" thing how short the timeframe you've given them to bring an extremely niche product mired in bureaucracy to your door halfway around the world is? And this is FLUX's fault... How, exactly? Why should the fact that ITAR won't let them sell these braces directly change the fact that I feel slightly sorry for them? What does golf equipment have to do with this?
  11. PureSilver

    Angry Gun L85A3 kits AEG and WE GBB

    Did they explain whether they're expecting owners to paint their own guns tan? Not that it's unreasonable, just that I can't see many people doing it.
  12. PureSilver

    Airsoft Glock Flux Brace clone, stop the presses!

    I feel a bit bad for Flux here. They made the effort (and barely anyone does) to actually make airsoft products themselves - it seems a bit churlish to buy a clone instead. That said at basically twice the price for what is a complete gimmick I can understand why people won't.
  13. PureSilver

    Action Army Ruger MK IV GBB pistol

    I was (am) very on-board with a GBB Ruger Mk.IV, but those AAs aren't in the Ruger family tree - they're not even in the same forest. I can understand why they made them this way but I'll pass; my dreams of a GBB Amphibian II will have to wait a bit yet... AA make enormous amounts of parts for a few different BASR platforms (Ares AS-01, CA M24, Marui VSR-10, L96 and M40A5, Maruzen Type 96, Tanaka M700) and a few of their own guns. They make the T-10 and T11 (both VSR-10-based) and the AAC01 and AAC21 (Tanaka M700-based).
  14. PureSilver


    Very nice. What were the donor guns?

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