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T4E HDR68 revolver APS wad compatability

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So the t4ehdrs68 is a 68 cal paintball revolver made by umerex. I was wondering if it would accept aps shotgun shell wads alowing you to use it as an airsoft shotgun. Curiosity got the better of me and it arrived today. I can confirm that the flower wads do not fit, the standard wads will fit if you trim around 2mm off the leading edge with a pair of scissors and the short wads should work without any modification. I found that you can fit 11bbs in each chamber and the cardboard plugs hold them in very securly. The revolver fires the wads and bbs flawlessly and i have to say although its not strictly an airsoft gun its the most fun ive had with an airsoft revolver so far.20230603_171103.thumb.jpg.11943ce80ae5e8f0f15eda2718afc80c.jpg



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