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  1. I've got another tag green gas launcher shell with foam nades if anyone is interested
  2. Looking for certain makes and models of 40mm shells if you have any of the following even if compleatly knackered then please do drop me a pm Make: madbull Models: xm-pb4, xm-108hp, xm-204hp Make: s thunder Models: shocker long + medium length, foam ball 2 + 4 ball variants Make: taginn Models: green gas both classic and evo versions. Co2 pro evo but not the original co2 pro with the recesses inlet valve Make: ASG Model : 90 round paint ball style. Prices paid will be model and condition dependent but if they are gathering dust somewhere then drop me a pm. Cheers
  3. svman

    Loft clearout time!

    Sounds great. I've sent you a pm. Cheers
  4. svman

    Loft clearout time!

    Interested in the s thunder foam ball grenades. Is it two long and two short that you have? If so how much would you want for all 4 posted? Cheers
  5. As title I'm after a madbull stand alone frame for a 12" havoc launcher. Let me know if you have one to sell. Cheers
  6. svman

    Northeast Mini and full sized Uzi GBB

    Same here. Full size uzi? I'm having that. Would like to see a micro come out as well. I like my maruzen type u but something a little less plasticky with more range would be awsome
  7. Make: Craft Apple WorksGun/Model: Revolver launcherAccessories: foam grenades + soare o ringsCondition: greatFPS: gas and 40mm shell dependent Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: I'm listening Price/Payment: £250 all in posted and paypalled Pictures: yes Up for sale is a CAW revolver launcher. These things are very well made and entirely metal construction apart from the pistol grip and cylinder. Be warned though they are very heavy so be prepared for a work out whilst running around with it. Was fitted with a rail interface scystem which is included but I removed it as the top rail is broken and I didn't like the look of it. Easily to re fit if you want to. Previous owner has installed a nice looking stock which suits the look of the launcher. Can be easily removed by undoing the bolt at the back. Launcher mech is working perfectly and looks barely used. These launchers have been out of production for many years now and are worlds apart from the plasticky offering by ics. The price is £250 all in inclusive of delivery and paypal fees. Any questions just drop me a pm. Cheers
  8. Just sold the last of my tag launcher shells. Will post if I get hold of some more. Plenty of foam projectiles still available though.
  9. If you have or get your hands on a rpg then I would be up for that. Might have to take some measurements o the barrle ID as according to some reviews certain makes are fussy with which shells they will except.
  10. Still looking also have tag launcher shells for trade.
  11. Make: taggin / svman730 industriesGun/Model: tag green gas launcher shell + compatible 40mm launchable re usable foam grenadeAccessories: foam grenades + soare o ringsCondition: used but gas tight shell + brand new foam grenadesFPS: gas and launcher dependentSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nopePrice/Payment: quantity dependentPictures: yes this sale is for 1 x gas tight tag green gas launcher shell packaged with 40mm launchable foam grenades. The tag shell is used but has been cleaned and serviced by myself. Service includes the replacement of all internal o rings and the application of SMC pneumatic grease. The shell is also supplied with spare o rings for future maintenance. Foam grenade details below I have designed a new model of re usable foam launchable 40mm grenade. This one has been designed to fit inside taginn launcher shells and is much smaller than the previous model coming in at 83mm in length. Still made of the same soft spongy foam making them safe for use on the field. As these fit inside tag shells they can be used with short barrle pistol launchers. If you don't have tag shells they can still be used with any other 40mm moscart simply by inserting the gas shell behind the foam round in the launcher. Tail fins have a steeper angle of cant adding more spin stabilisation as they fly through the air. All prices include postage and paypal fees as allways and they get cheaper the more you buy. Please remember I am making these myself at home which is very time consuming and labour intensive and they are priced accordingly. These arnt being cranked out by some machine. Because they are compleatly re usable you can fire off grenades all day long without bank rupting yourself. Yes they are not as fun as tag rounds that go bang but if your a 40mm addict like me you will enjoy the ability to be trigger happy without hurting the wallet. All prices include paypal fees and 2nd class signed for delivery.1 x tag green gas shell with x 50 foam grenades = £200 1 × tag green gas shell with 25 x foam grenades = £137.50 1 x tag green gas shell with 15 x foam grenades = £90 1 x tag green gas shell with 7 x foam grenades =£85 1 × tag green gas shell with 3 x foam grenades =£70 1 × tag green gas shell with 2 x foam grenades = £65
  12. Happy to sell you some if you like.

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