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  1. Price drop to £27.50 all in deliverd
  2. svman

    Action Army Ruger MK IV GBB pistol

    Octogan airsoft have an automag front end for these https://www.octagonairsoft.com/product-page/burst-head-auto-mag-style-front-kit-for-aap01-gbb-pistol
  3. AIRTACUK TLDR glow in the dark version impact grenade + 75 x snaps. Brand new and unused operation is very simple. Unscrew the cap and Insert a snap before screwing back together. When the grenade hits a hard surface the snap will detonate with a report similar to tht of a .209 primer. Made from glow in the dark material, works best if you keep one of thoe tiny LED torches in the pouch so it is glowing nice and bright when you chuck it into a dark room. £35 all in deliverd for the TLDR and 75 x snaps
  4. svman

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Yeah, after the customs handling fee and import duty it usually works out cheaper to buy from a UK store
  5. svman

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    As before. Any one know of any uk stockists? I need one of these but don't want to import myself.
  6. 40mm grenades wanted working, leaking broken, its all good. Single hole grenades, tag shells, shower shells, madbull, ASG, S thunder, nurpol anything considered. Please get in touch if you have any to sell. Turn those leaky old paper weights into cash
  7. Make: taginn/ svman730Gun/Model: green gas tag launcher shellAccessories: 7 x launchable foam grenadesCondition: gas tight and ready to goFPS: gas and launcher dependentSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: noPrice/Payment: £85 all in postedPictures: yesUp for sale is 1 x taginn green gas launcher shell packaged with 7 x reusable launchable foam grenades. The shell is supplied gas tight with some spare obri gas for future maintenance. £85 includes paypal fees and 2nd class signed for postage. Any questions please feel free to ask Attached Files
  8. Make: MadbullGun/Model: co2 40mm shell adapterAccessories: noneCondition: greatFPS: n/aSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £45Pictures: yesUp for sale is a madbull co2 adapter to fill 40mm airsoft grenades. Takes 12g co2 bulbs, I can include some for an extra 50p each. It has an adjustable regulator so you can choose the pressure that you fill your grenades with. Price is £45 which includes paypal fees and 2nd class signed for postage. Any questions please feel free to ask. Cheers

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