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  1. still on the hunt for more of these. If you have any to sell drop me a pm. cheers
  2. svman

    Madbull 200rd shower shell

    Would you take £27.50 all in posted for the 200 round shell? For some reason I cant pm you. Says you cant receive messages
  3. svman

    Madbull 200rd shower shell

    A bit of a long shot but you dont have any madbull pb4 shells to sell do you?
  4. After one of those cyma pistol grenade launchers. May be interested in other pistol launcher as long as there 40mm. Let me know what you have. Cheers
  5. svman

    Golden Eagle real wood 870´s

    love the look of the sawn off version. If they turn up in UK stores i'll take one but i promised myself i wouldn't import anymore. It rely bugs me that you cant pre pay importation tax and have to pay the handling fee on top as a result.
  6. svman

    WE Colt Junior

    need two of these for hot fuzz vicker load out. Get on with it WE
  7. If anyone has a way of getting hold of Stubert could you please send him a message for me? I was going to be purchasing a CAW revolver launcher off him several months back and he sort of disapeard off the face of the earth so to speak. Ive sent him all of my contact detail etc but havent herd from him. If theres anybody that is able to give him a nudge please let him know that i would still very much like to buy his CAW revolver launcher if it is still available. Cheers
  8. Keeping my eyes peeld for a CAW revolver launcher. drop me a pm if you have one for sale. Not interested in an ics mgl. Still looking for more madbull pb4 grenades as well. cheers
  9. svman

    WE Colt Junior

    looking forward to the release of this myself. For those looking for a ppk try the xdy one. i just got hold of one and its a very nice little shooter. its just a shame that no one has the maruzen ppk silencers in stock anywhere
  10. svman

    XDY Walther PPK GBB

    Pm sent. Cheers

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