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  1. So the t4ehdrs68 is a 68 cal paintball revolver made by umerex. I was wondering if it would accept aps shotgun shell wads alowing you to use it as an airsoft shotgun. Curiosity got the better of me and it arrived today. I can confirm that the flower wads do not fit, the standard wads will fit if you trim around 2mm off the leading edge with a pair of scissors and the short wads should work without any modification. I found that you can fit 11bbs in each chamber and the cardboard plugs hold them in very securly. The revolver fires the wads and bbs flawlessly and i have to say although its not s
  2. Threaded barrle finally turned up today after months on the boat.
  3. Awesome, thank you. Ive ordered the WE one as I quite like the chamfered / conical look at the threaded end.
  4. Ooooh just seen this. I didn't realise you could buy the threaded barrle separately. Ive just orderd mine and very reasonable at £23.04 shipped to the UK. What silencer is that you are using? Not sure which models will fit. Cheers
  5. Very nice review. Kind of tempted. I must not buy another shell ejector i must not buy another shell ejector i must not buy another shell ejector. Ah who am i kidding, i'm probably gona buy another shell ejector. Anyone in the uk stocking these?
  6. i want a maruzen m1100 defendor mark 1

    1. hitmanNo2


      Good luck with that. I don't think I've ever even seen one that wasn't in a photo.

    2. svman


      I had one on my hands when i was a kid in wolf armouries and regret not buying it to this very day. Still if you dont ask you dont get. If anyone anywhere is selling one i'll find it. I hope

    3. hitmanNo2


      Well I hope you find one. I had a similar thing with a rare WA GBB. Had the chance to buy one new but got something else. Kicked myself but then managed to track down a couple of them in mint condition 10 or so years later.

  7. There is a we 1911 that takes a double stack hi capa mag
  8. Thanks for the great review. Ive seen these a few times before and was wondering whether they are any good or not. Only rocking the 2d mossy oak real tree at the moment but i may have to upgrade
  9. My mistake, all this time i was calling it ls2. It was traumatic experience so its understandable that my mind blotted some things out. i may have to keep an eye out for one then if they now come in a 6mm flavour minus the ld2 system.
  10. looking for kwc v1 mini uzi mags

  11. I had one of these a while back. Its a fantastic collectors piece and a lot of fun to play with but i found it terrible to use in a skirmish due to the ls2 hop up. Its fine at short distances but i found i couldnt hit a man sized target with it out past 15 meters. Kinda wish i hadnt sold it thoe now seeing yours.
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