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  1. svman

    WE Colt Junior

    looking forward to the release of this myself. For those looking for a ppk try the xdy one. i just got hold of one and its a very nice little shooter. its just a shame that no one has the maruzen ppk silencers in stock anywhere
  2. svman

    XDY Walther PPK GBB

    Pm sent. Cheers
  3. svman

    XDY Walther PPK GBB

    Pretty sure johny-blaze has nabbed it but if the deal with him falls through it should be me next in line to the throne.
  4. svman

    XDY Walther PPK GBB

    Sorry meant to say johny-blaze
  5. svman

    XDY Walther PPK GBB

    I think marlowe has first dibs but if he dosent take it i will. Cheers
  6. svman

    XDY Walther PPK GBB

    Is the barrle threaded for a silencer like the maruzen version? Cheers
  7. Still looking
  8. If anybody is wants some of these but dosent have a decent 40mm launcher shell to fire them with i can do package deals with s thunder shocker shells. These are the long version and come with the pink co2 core allready installed plus some spare o rings
  9. I've posted up some firing videos on another forum if anyone wants to take a peak the link is below. Cheers https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/item/24-40mm-launchable-foam-grenades-rockets-for-all-40mm-launchers/
  10. Looking for a used tag pro launcher shell. Please do get in touch if you have one to sell. Cheers
  11. Looking to add a RPG to my collection of 40mm toys. Please do drop me a pm if you have one to sell. Cheers
  12. svman

    AI Mike40

    One could duct tape a tracer to it and turn it into a temporary light sabre. But i agree with a lot of people that this will probably start a lot of arguments or fights unless the launcher is moved very quickly to limit the number of rounds that hit each target.
  13. Still have plenty of these left for anyone that has 40mm fever

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