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Hey guys! Back after a *long* hiatus!

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I have *no* idea if anyone from "the good old days" is still around on here, but as you'll see, I used to be on here in the mid 2000s, before dropping off a couple years later when I got annoyed with all the new legislation and decided to just stop actively playing and buying replicas.

Over the course of the last 15 years or so, I've largely got rid of most of my collection, but my wife and I are looking to get back into it all now, but it feels like everything has changed!

Is the 'scene' as different as it seems, or is it just me?

Like, if I look on airsoft retailers here in the UK, it seems like Classic Army and Tokyo Marui are basically nowhere to be found any more -- who are the "go-to" brands for quality replicas these days?

I've still got my CA M15A4, which is probably in dire need of a strip-down, service and rebuild. Same with my ICS MP5A5, and a few full-metal GBB pistols from back in the day too.

Are GBBs still A Thing? Is green gas still the preferred 'fuel'?

I feel like I need to read all the newbie guides again, lol.

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Take a look at Specna Arms, CYMA Platinum, Saigo and other similar brands that have decent internals and externals and some or most of the bells and whistles you want in a modern rif.

Marui launched their MWS system some years ago and it's a robust and stable platform, if you are into GBBs. The system has already been copied by CYMA and Double Bell, so there are cheaper alternatives as well.

Green gas is still green gas, there are way more electronic solutions around, but other than that it's the same hobby. Enjoy :)

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