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  1. I have *no* idea if anyone from "the good old days" is still around on here, but as you'll see, I used to be on here in the mid 2000s, before dropping off a couple years later when I got annoyed with all the new legislation and decided to just stop actively playing and buying replicas. Over the course of the last 15 years or so, I've largely got rid of most of my collection, but my wife and I are looking to get back into it all now, but it feels like everything has changed! Is the 'scene' as different as it seems, or is it just me? Like, if I look on airsoft retailers here in th
  2. Oh yeah, I'm not saying it detracts from the value of the gun. I just think it looks ugly.
  3. Get rid of that "Davidson Custom 45" trademark on the slide, and we're in business. That is a seriously sexy 1911.
  4. Have your server hosts tried creating a new copy of the posts table (with the same structure) and then doing an INSERT...SELECT query? If the server seems to hate the posts table, I'd put money on it being that the files are corrupted somehow that the repair function can't fix. Creating a new table like that will probably sort it out if that's the case. Good luck anyway.
  5. Well it's about damn time Just in the last few days someone gave me a rep. point for the "My time in the US" thread, citing his reason as "You shot a USP, which is a gun I own". What the hell? Why do I deserve more reputation for that? Or is it just Internet ######-waving about the guns he owns? No offence meant to the guy who gave me that rep. point, but the use of the system has always been a sore point with me.
  6. Does Invision Power Board have such a feature? i.e. restricting access until they receive a PM?
  7. They are spambots. They are registering on the forums via an automated system. How they get around the CAPTCHA (the image-to-text thing) is that they get the URL of the image and download it, and then another website (typically crack websites, or computers that have been infected with a particular type of virus) will pop up a window saying "In order to continue this operation you must type in this code" (making no reference to Arnie's). The user of that site then types in the code believing it to be a security feature of the website they're on, when in actual fact it's the spambot as
  8. The Vectra saloon I bought in January to replace my Ibiza. 1996 CDX model with a 2.0 litre V6 Ecotec engine. Vroom vroom!
  9. I agree with Sledge on this one. I bloody hate things popping up under my mouse cursor when I'm trying to click things. Proper thread titles, please people!
  10. Are you using Google Web Accelerator or any similar caching systems?
  11. WEB TWO POINT OH. Looks nice, but too gimmicky for my liking
  12. My word, this entire thread is far exceeding the acceptable quota for "crawly bumlick".
  13. Surely this thread will go down in history as the first time something from Arfcom has been deemed a Good Thing Yeah, it's a good idea. Or even turning the quoted pics into thumbnails that open in a new window when clicked, so you don't have to scroll up. That's what they do on SA.
  14. Donating doesn't always get you those privileges though. Didn't with me, anyway
  15. Ironic that you have a quote from the IRC channel in your sig there Marlowe - with text colours attached
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