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  1. gazchap

    WRAF's On Det. Interesting.....

    James pulled back the curtain and broke his heart. Deep down he knew that that mattress would NEVER feel the same again.
  2. gazchap

    Never be the first to fall asleep after a night out!

    "Found it!", Darren exclaimed, giving the thumbs up as he retrieved his pen from Jack's anal passage. "But thats the last damn time I let the sucker borrow it!"
  3. gazchap

    Any problem can be solved with the correct amount of force.

    Kappa's Astronomy exam wasn't going well at all. Not only had he turned up 12 hours early, but he wasn't even aiming the telescope at the stars! On the plus side, he was getting a pretty good view of the instructor's daughter in the shower rooms. Mmm... Jupiter's rising!
  4. gazchap

    Small man or Big cup?

    Uh... Dave? What exactly have you put in this water? I'm seeing orange juice with wires coming out of it, and No Exit signs over solid walls.
  5. gazchap

    ok...this could be a sticky situation.jpg

    London military police crack down on homelessness.
  6. gazchap

    i repeat there are no americans in iraq.jpg

    In the farmhouse, things had taken a turn for the worse. "Quick 'arold, call the police! There are two nutters outside with automatic rifles! Get the sheep in, but do it quietly!"
  7. gazchap

    I want me some fun!

    Whilst Redcap was busy posing with his new rocket, the rest of the troops were laughing at poor Jackson, who'd just trodden in the only cowpat on the field.
  8. gazchap


    Generally, being in the Military Police was a rewarding job with great prospects. Driving a beat-up Ford Escort always hindered John's chances of pulling at the NAAFI though.
  9. gazchap

    GazChap's Arsenal

    Sweet Christ on a cracker, it's like living with a terrorist.

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