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Cyber Gun SW1911 spring

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Ok, well first off, this is my first review, so dont get too mad if this isn't up to par with the normal reveiw. Second, I didnt take any pictures so...


Ok, so, a month or so ago, I went down to a local shop and decided since im a huge fan of the 1911, I'd buy the Cyber Gun SW1911 ulrta grade spring pistol.

While it was an expensive $69.99usd for a spring pistol, I liked its weight, and its over all look. When I got home and took it out of the box, there were already two things i was very inpressed about. 1:a working beaver tail safety. 2:the sights had the white dots on tree points (one on the front, two on the back).


Later, I found there to be a lot of metal there for a spring gun. This includes, inner barrell, outer barrell ( :D ), main safety, beaver tail, sights, hammer, trigger, magizine, slide catch, and others that dont really need to be mentioned (springs themselves, ext.). The plastics were also a very nice plastic, what kind i do not know, but none the less, nice.


Shooting: Loading the magize for it is very simple and easy, pull the spring and fallower down and put it in the "locked" posistion, push the black plastic button on the top, and pour the bbs in. Simple eh? Ok, shooting, shooting it was a blast, it was an easy cocker. On the last shot, it of corse looked back. Acuracy, lets just say its on off the most acurate springers i've ever shot. Acuracy was amazing! Even with .12g's, it was insainly accurate, grate for small skermishes, or qcb.


So far, there have only been a few small problems/things I didn't like. 1:the front sight is very loose, to the point that it fell, yes fell off. But this was no problem, i put a nice pice of latex under it so it made it stay in place, havent had a problem with that since. 2: the slide catch is basicly the slide catch itself (the part you see on the outside) atatched to a metal pin that gos into the gun. Well this pin came out a little so the the catch was out a little, makeing it not catch on the magizine's fallower. once agian, a very easy problem to fix. i took the pin out, put some crazzy glue in the hole of the slide catch, and put the pin back in. 3: the magizines fallower was very long, so when empty, the folower actually went into the breach and stoped iot from moving. No problem, thankfully it did no damage, so i cut the follower down untill only long enough to properly feed the last bb in.


The quality of this gun it great. A brass barrell, full trades, the hop up it so perfectly tuned. the one thing that displeased me though is that it is not an open breach gun. The slide cut were you can see the "barrell" is a peice of shinny silver metal that says "45 AUTO", very realistic, but better to me if it was an open breach.


Over all, i would most defantly recomend this to the newbie that wants to go up in airsoft, but not $300 aeg. I would also recomend this as a bach up/sidearm because of its awsome acuracy.


If anyone wants something, a spacific detail, whatever, just ask and I'll see what I can do. :D

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Yes, post it in the Review Database.


BTW, I was a bit surprised to see that it doesn't have an open breech.



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I know, i was very suprised that it lacked an open breach, though it does look like it does, and if i had never used one before i would still assume it was an open breach. And isnt it this in the reveiw section now, someone transfered it. :unsure:

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Ok then, here we go, pics. By the way, I wanted to edit the last post and put them in there so I dont double post more, but the edit buton wasn't showing so I am sorry for that, no double posting intended :D


Veiw's of the gun



The breach




Ok, well there will be more too come, tomarrow probably.


NOTE: The gun is Flatt black in the picture, that is not the way it comes, I did that my self. The grips also do not come tan colored, as I painted the grips flatt kaiki.

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