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  1. Anyone know Where to get a metal slide for the TM/KJW mk23 Thanks
  2. blitz

    Videos Thread !

    on the can tests, i will say that the DE DID go through both sides on the hicapa it went through only one side the sound seeems to make DE not go through
  3. blitz

    Videos Thread !

    people who watch the hicapa video, i must add the kick is so fast my camera could not pick it up it really kicks VERY fast also for those who moan about shooting out of the window it happends to be a priavte field that my house goes onto, NO-one gets in the way and there is no risk of damage or anything
  4. blitz

    Videos Thread !

    can anyone give me something to put videos on?? i have maruzen mp5k m9 biohazard DE HK chrome hicapa spas 12 g23 KJW Mac 11 25p 200 bb shower grenade and a few others, but i cant put them anyway as i recorded them and dont have them on a website
  5. blitz

    Videos Thread !

    ive got loads of good ones, but ive ran out of global space???

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