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  1. rude the way they make you take all your bags and stuff off before going in, also last time they watched me and my mate like a hawk to see we werent "taking" things
  2. u no the fps and range roughly?
  3. no its because everything now reads the review database
  4. i think we need a review on that
  5. that is the uglisest pistol i have ever seen ( not the scope ) just the gun in general (throws up)
  6. nothing they are both identical apart from AIM comes without trades
  7. nice reivew out of interested how much did you spend on everyting so far?? one minor thing though, the video was super low quality any chance of a better video and closer to the gun?? thx
  8. yes i ordered 2 cans of HFC green gas and 1 abby ultra after the abby was out of stock they then sent me 3 cans of HFC green gas and to cover the cost they sent me 1000 .33g bbs, thats also very good server
  9. blitz

    KWC Mini Uzi

    nice review yourve made me want one even more
  10. i hate the lack of trades it also reminds me of the worst GBB ive owned the KWC sigma
  11. blitz

    KWC Mini Uzi

    hi r22 master i am going to america these holidays and am hoping to bring back bulk c02 packages, to gain a little money and help you guys out they are VERY cheap over there, BUt can you just confirm if i will be able to get them through customs, back on the plane?? PM me if interested
  12. desert eagle looks better imo more powerful kicks harder ( ALOT ) no variations on it scares people hicrapa faster kick and cycle time and it doesnt beat the almight deagle on anything else the extended mag also looks cheap, BUT the metal lower frame i think is its only good point, oh and the high mag capacity
  13. the hiCRAPA is far from the best fun you can have buy a desert eagle and then find out the real mans gun
  14. i think 210 fps MUST be using 134a id expect green gas/propane to hit around 280 with that 6 inch barrel
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