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"Hey Man!, Jaws was never my scene"


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That second one. It was just absurdly dangerous. The worst thing was the way they didn't acnowledge what they could have done. I mean one of the guys (laughing) "It would have killed her if it was in that one."


It was just ridiculous.

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Ummmmm, yeah - ok.


Right, first clip was just rubbish. A couple of blokes following a cyclist in a car with the music "I want to ride my bycicle" playing on the radio? No punchline, no closure - just the cyclist and the music - WTF???


Clip 2: It ended with the phrase "You would have KILLED her if she was in that!". Okay, that's just SOOOOOO many levels lower than DUMB it's not even worth a justification.




So here's the deal....


This sub-forum was created for the purpose of giving other Airsofters a good chuckle. We have seen some classics come and go here over the last year, but these don't even come close.


If it makes you giggle - great!




Is what you are posting REALLY going to make the majority of members here glad that you are providing them with such amazing grade-A entertainment? On this occasion, the resounding response has been NO!


So please - browse the net - find some funnies - and let us know about them if they are true classics. But this kind of tosh is best left in the zeitgeist!


Thread closed - lesson learned (I hope) ;)






BTW - Just to show how rubbish this thread is - it is the ONLY thread I have EVER closed in the Humor sub-forum :(

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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