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Before asking "Which AEG Should I Buy?"


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"Which AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) should I buy" is one of the most commonly asked questions on a lot of forums, including this one. There's something you need to know first...


Most AEGs are relatively similar in performance, no matter what they look like.


With this in mind, your choice should be largely governed by the folloing two factors...


1. Which gun do you like the look of?

2. How much do you want to spend?


Both of these can easily be answered by looking through retailer web sites. Some retailers you might find useful for the UK are Airsoft Armoury, Zero One Airsoft, and Airsoft Scotland. More retailers will be listed in the 'retailer links section' here.



Of course, you don't want to buy a lemon, so look in the 'Reviews' section of this site. There are lots of reviews of all the most popular bits of kit, along with the less popular stuff. Our members are also putting together a list of the best AEGs for a first purchase here.



Once you have done this, and assuming you still have questions, the other forum members here will be able to help you. In order to make sure that they can help you effectively, please post your question and provide the following information...


1. The two or three choices you have narrowed your search down to,

2. What you intend to use the gun for (target shooting, woodland skirmishing, urban skirmishing, mounting on a wall, etc...)

3. What features are important to you (e.g. large battery, high ammo capacity, solid construction, etc...)

4. Anything else you think would help us to help you.



Posts that show you haven't done any research or ask questions without giving us any information to work on, are likely to get deleted. These posts waste forum space and the time of our members.


Do your research and provide us with enough info, and there is a wealth of information available to you through our member-base. We are a friendly lot, but I'm sure you can understand how annoying it can be to try to answer the same question over and over when we have no information to work with and know nothing about your requirements.



One final thing, I cannot stress enough that it is always a good idea to actually pick up and 'feel' the AEG you want to buy before making a purchase. Some may look solid, but may be very flimsy when you hold them. This may put you off your original choice, so if you can get to an Airsoft Showroom, it could save you buying a gun you're not entirely happy with.



That said, enjoy the forums. I hope we can help. :)




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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