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WTS - L85A1

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I'd like to sell the following rifle:

Custom L85A1 ( NO ACADEMY PARTS :D ).

Internals: TM V6 gearbox, TM EG1000 (long). Guarder metal bushing, M16A2 nozzle, polycarb piston, alu piston head w/b, tappet plate. CA metal M4/M16 hop-up. KM 6.04 509mm inner barrel. Shoots over forum limit, but I will tune it down if needed. Full auto only. Custom parts are the tappet plate and the cylinder head.

Externals: HFC very hard plastic body, metal outer barrel, safety switch, sling holes, mag catch, trigger, trigger guard, gas parts. Painted to black. It has 3 screws through the body and it 1-2 mm wide cut on the body for almost true stripping. You need to undo a screw on the backplate to split the gun. There is a cut on the bottom side of the gun to make room for the gearbox. You can see a small part of the gearbox sticking out from the bottom. Plastic SUSAT with a red dot built into it. It is bright enough for daylight use. Fire cycle (bullet) counter.

Accepts any M16 mags. Comes with 1 CA 300 mag and 1 STAR 30 mag.

It has a SONY 9.6V 1700mAh battery in the foregrip (over 2000 shots capacity).

Roomy TM style paper+styrofoam box.

The gun is trusty and very easy to service.


Asking 250Ł/450$+shipping.




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Somewhat interested just you being in Hungary, and would like a bit more info on the gun... is it easy to convert the tappet plate, IE if it breaks, How good is mag retention, and in the second pic there is the gap, is this the 1-2 mm cut in thebody you were saying? Anyway to fill that up or close it?

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I try to get some paste used by modellers to fill up the hole. I will make new pics when I'm done with that.

I didn't have problem with the mag catch. The mag well is tight and the catch spring is pretty stiff. The mag will not fall out by accident.

The tappet plate is a modified Guarder polycarbon piece. Unlikely to break, but I can include a spare plate just in case.

Forgot to mention, the gun is very light. Around 2.5 kilos loaded. I like that because I don't get too tired at the end of the day. There are some empty spaces here and there, but I'm not sure you can add an extra 2.5 kilos.

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