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  1. Just a quick correction, the PDI Type96 hopup unit doesn't fit, unless lathed. Same stands for the hexagon product spacers.
  2. MP001 compatible mag? No way! The MP001 uses VSR type mags.
  3. I just received one for upgrade. My task is to meld this M99 with a heavily upgaded L96 (SP210 spring and the like). So I took both to bits and here are my findings: - The L96 mag does NOT fit. The L96 mag is longer by about 1cm and a little bit wider. - The L96 cylinder does NOT fit. The L96 comes with new type thick handle boss, while this one requires a thin APS2 version. Otherwise looks perfectly like a stock L96 cylinder. Down the the pressed cylinder/handle boss connection, which is the weakest spot on the L96. I don't recommend any spring that is stronger than the original. - The
  4. Pendra

    Unholy Fusions

    If the L85 was not bullpup.
  5. You can see seamlines on the plastic part on the last picture. Like the back of the grip and the side of the buttplate. Do you have these lines on the real gun?
  6. Even a stock TM gun can pierce a coke can on one side. One of my gun is around 1J and it can go through the bottom of a can, so you can't rely on that. Chrono would be the only way to check the FPS. If it is over the limit then just downgrade the spring to a 1J one and it would be fine.
  7. The PSG1 differs from all normal AEGs. It puts the spring under tension at the end of the cycle. So at the very moment you pull the trigger a BB comes out. On normal AEGs the piston is all the way forward after a cycle. So if you pull the trigger on semi, the piston has to move all the way back which takes some precious time between the trigger pull and the actual shoot. However you can easily ease the spring by firing the gun in semi. As it is not possible on PSG, you need to release the spring manually. As the M14 lacks the semi, that tool is the only way to release the spring. The other w
  8. You may want to check this thread before you place your order: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...190&hl=l85+sa80 And this http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...656&hl=l85+sa80 They actually delivered something, but I think it is not soo good looking.
  9. Pendra

    Academy SA80's

    I doubt that ICS/CA/TM coming out with an L85. I looked up threads about "CA making an L85" or "ICS is making an L85" dated to 2003-2004.
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