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Air Warzone do not use them

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I ordered a gun from www.airwarzone.co.uk just a cheap springer to shoot at home when i'm bored, i ordered the gun over 2 weeks ago and still have not received it. I have e-mailed them several times with no reply and now i'm starting to get worried i may have been scammed has anyone else ever used or had problems with them in the past?


Thanks JSB

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Have you actually tried ringing their number though? Contrary to popular belief, emails are not the fastest form of communication, the telephone is.


I noticed on their website there isn't an address so I dug this up for you via a WHOIS search.




Domain name:






Registrant type:

UK Sole Trader


Registrant's address:

1 Selborne Road


N22 7TL




If you still hear nothing, do a charge back (I'm assuming you paid by card of sorts).

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Ok finially got intouch with them and they have appologised that my item was out of stock and they do not no when they will have more so they offered me a replacemeant gun so all is well bit disapointed that it took 2 weeks to get intouch tho poor customer service.

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