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Posting a Review? Check these rules first!

Hey guys,


With the new review section up, there's been numerous requests for some clearer guidelines on appropriate content for reviews. So here we go!


1. When posting a review, please post its full content here. You are welcome to add a link to the original article (if posted elsewhere first, etc) along with the post. - Any reviews posted after this date (22/06/09) without any content and just a simple link will be pulled.


2. Please do not copy content from here or any linked site without the consent of the writer - this is a breach of the intellectual rights of the author.


3. If you have any commercial links to the group please make these clear - before someone else does this for you and leaves you discredited and humiliated. Reviews should be informative - not sophisticated advertisments for a product or organisation.


These are now in place with immediate effect and will be enforced if necessary - but hopefully, as most of these are common sense, this won't be necessary.


Thanks. smile.gif

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