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Signature Rule Changes

No image is to exceed 400 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height. Text should not have more than six carriage returns (6 lines of text). If images are used, you should refrain from using more than 1 line of text. Images used as part of the signature should not contain any material which can be considered as obscene or cause offence. Users are reminded that language should conform with PG13 rules.


Advertising, or links to advertisements are prohibited at all times. This rules applies to all members, and applies to both private or commercial advertising. In some circumstances consent can be granted to allow the posting of these in a signature. Consent can be requested by sending a PM to the admins here. Until consent has been given you are to refrain from posting any advertising information in your signature. The exceptions to this include:


- advertising your personal sales threads or auctions. Commercial activity can be cleared through the normal channels of contacting an admin for approval.

- commercial activity approved by the forum staff.


Referral or affiliate links in your signature are prohibited at all times. Links to personal websites are allowed, but keep the amount of links limited. Links to other airsoft forums are allowed, except where they have a conflict of interest with ArniesAirsoft.


Personal abuse, abuse against ArniesAirsoft or any other website or company is prohibited.


ArniesAirsoft reserves the right to remove or edit any signature which breaks these rules or is otherwise considered to be unsuitable. We will try and contact you in advance of making changes but this may not always be possible. If your signature has been edited or deleted and you do not consider that it was justified, please contact one of the staff members and we will explain why the action was taken.




Please remember we've drafted these rules up to help ensure that everyone enjoys the forum; the intention of the rules is to keep forum pages loading quickly for all users. If methods of adding signatures are discovered that are within these rules yet cause the forum or members issues we will adjust the rules accordingly an contact those affected.

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