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IMPORTANT: For Sale Forum Rules

For Sale Forum Rules



All other rules can be found at http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=386


100 Post requirement: All users will now requre a minimum of 100 posts before being able to view / access all sales sections (including valuations).


This prevents fraudulent users from signing up, defrauding a member out of money, then signing up again and repeating this ad infinitum. Significantly 90% of complaints about trades were made against users with post counts below 100, and the number of complaints has plummeted since introduction. Existing members with sales / and users with proven good records will, until 31/05/08 be considered for immediate access. To request access, contact Marlowe or Arnie.


'Buyer Beware' Unreliable Seller custom user group: To further protect users, we have also introduced the custom 'Buyer Beware' user group. Users with a proven poor track record in commerce (due to failure to deliver or selling items in significantly different condition to that described in their sale) can, upon request, have their user group changed to this to further forewarn others that the seller has a past history of unreliability.


To request the tag be added, please contact a moderator with evidence. The moderator will consider the evidence and reach a judgement with other staff as a result. The affected user has a right to appeal against this proceeding, but again evidence in defence will be required.


To remove the tag, a member can contact a moderator with evidence of good commerce since the time of being moved to this custom user group. Again the moderator will consider this request on the basis of evidence and act accordingly.


Location: We have US, World and UK forums, so please post in the correct area. Obviously UK is for UK sales, etc etc. Note that there are "For Sale", "Wanted" and "Non-Airsoft" areas available for posting for each locale.


Valuation: We now offer a valuation section. This is visible to any who can see the other commercial sections. This section is only for requesting estimates on value of items you wish to sell. Any attempts to sell in this section will be removed. Please use the appropriate sales section to sell once you are happy with estimates provided.


Price: When listing an item, make sure you give a price that you would like to have as a starting value. This will stop everyone and their mother asking "how much" followed by twenty pages of conversation over a fair starting price, as what YOU consider a fair price will often NOT be what another airsofter considers a fair price. If you at least give a starting price, the other users will know what to expect. If you don't, then please expect to be bombarded with requests for prices, plus ridiculous offers which you then have to refuse, which is a waste of everyones time. You MUST post an asking price.


Post in the right place: When posting please take care in what you advertise. Please ensure that what you wish to sell is legal where you intend to trade it.


Please be specific about what you wish to sell: You have the ability to attach images to your posts so add an image if it will help. It's also a good idea to give a description of the item(s) you want to sell that includes condition, wear, size, how well used, etc...

Avoid short posts that have little detail in them such as "As above for sale". Posts such as this will simply be deleted.


ALL CAPS: Do not post threads with titles or content in ALL CAPS. It is annoying, it looks like you're shouting and the only extra attention it will draw to your threads, is that of the moderators.


Your advert and the law: Your advert (including text and photographs) must be legal, decent, honest and truthful. We may amend or remove your advert to ensure compliance with such requirements.


We are not able to verify the truthfulness of any statements made by you in your advert. Accordingly, you shall be responsible for all losses, expenses or other costs incurred which are caused by an untrue statement deliberately made or provided by you.


Sellers should ensure that they have (if required by local law) the appropriate permits to hold, sell and export their advertised items and that they have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the prospective purchaser is legally entitled to purchase such items.


Your attention is drawn to take notice that regulations do vary from county to country and in the USA regulations vary from State to State. You should familiarise yourself with local regulations and we strongly recommend that you contact appropriate government agencies.


Banned and prohibited items: You may not advertise for sale any item that has an age restriction or specific licensing implemented upon it (with the exception of Air Rifles/Pistols/RIF/IF as detailed below). In the case of age restrictions, this would cover items such as alcohol and knives.


Prohibited items include, but are not restricted to:

  • Drugs, Alcohol
  • Cross bows
  • Shotguns, handguns, rifles, firearm components, ammunition, de-activated weapons or antique guns or knives/combat weaponry (Currently we only accept legal adverts for guns of .22 or .177 calibre).
  • Multi tools with folding blades may be sold as can folding pocket knives so long as the blade is three inches (7.62 cm) or less. Lock knives of any form are prohibited from sale.
  • Some Blank Firers are also prohibited from sale (see below).
  • Home workers/ or any opportunity that implies to guarantee to make a large income
  • Copied software or counterfeit goods

RIF/IF: From the 1st October 2007 the VCR Act comes into effect in the UK and there are new restrictions on the sale/trade import and manufacture of Imitation Firearms and Realistic Imitation Firearms. Sellers and buyers are advised to make themselves aware of the laws, and are reminded that sellers and buyers are liable for ensuring that they trade within any applicable laws.


More details can be found here:http://www.associati...ishairsoft.org/



Air Rifles / Pistols: Air Rifles and Air Pistols are allowed to be posted for sale on this forum as long as the seller ensures that the buyer is 18 years old or older and located in a place where Airguns are legal, and that the gun is within UK power limits for ALL sales (Rifle = 12ftlb / Pistol = 6ftlb). Buyers must be 18 years old or over, must live in a locale where owning an Airgun is legal, and must not have any criminal record, court order, or legal restriction that prohibits ownership of an Airgun.


Blank Firers: Any forward venting blank firer is banned from UK sale. PFC (the Japanese cap guns) are fine to sell as are PFC caps and consumables however the seller and purchaser should observe all laws that may pertain to their sale, shipment or transfer. For simplicity please observe these two simple rules relating to any blank firer:

  • You may only trade items that are legal to trade in your own locality.
  • If you are in any doubt you must contact admin/staff by PM prior to your posting sale advert.

Certain CB radios: Certain items cannot be legally possessed or advertised. When placing adverts of this nature you are be requested to state that the equipment you are selling is able to be legally possessed.


Please ensure ALL airsoft equipment sold operates within velocities deemed safe and legal within your regions respective laws. We neither condone nor support the sale of replicas at velocities exceeding legal limits and have the right to close any such threads as appropriate.


Military issue gear: Issue gear MUST be legal to sell and no longer the registered property of the services. This is especially important for past and present service personnel who could place themselves in an undesirable position. It is your responsibility to ensure that any and all items you wish to sell are no longer the property of HM forces and legal to trade on. No additions are formally required for such sales, however known service personnel may wish to ensure that they are "whiter than white" for any applicable items.


No commercial posts may be made here this area is for personal use only. If you wish to advertise commercially or are unsure if this applies to you, please drop Arnie an email and we can add your news to the news page for you if it is suitable.






Whether buying or selling, please ensure that any new thread you create is in the appropriate regional and categorical section (e.g. an AEG sale aimed at UK buyers would go under the UK sale section and within the 'AEG Rifle' category). If you are aware that you have accidentally created a new thread in the incorrect section, please contact a member of staff, stating where you wish it to be moved to. Please be patient and do not create a duplicate of the thread - it will be moved to the appropriate section as soon as possible.




Bumping (where a member posts 'bump' or includes other non-productive comments to raise their thread up the forum list) is not permitted. This includes where other members post comments such as 'nice kit' or other non-productive content to try and assist friends in selling items. The only acceptable 'updates' allowed are where the details of the items on sale have changed. This can include details or conditions of items on sale, or price changes.


Any examples of bumping will result in a closed sales thread and further action as staff members see appropriate.

Cross linking


Posting solely to advertise a sale on another site such as eBay for example isn't allowed.


Trades from forum members that highlight an eBay sale for further detail are fine so long as the seller will trade via the forum as well. If the purpose is simply to divert attention to a sale elsewhere with no interest in trading with members on site, then the sale will be pulled.


Adverts from newly registered members that simply wish to advertise eBay sales with no interest in discussing their trade on here will be deleted very quickly.



IMPORTANT - Exchange of Details


If you enter into any form of trade with someone you should exchange the following details (as a minimum) with the other party before proceeding to the point of exchanging goods and money:


  • Full name
  • Full home address
  • Contact phone number (a landline if available)
  • Primary email contact address (not a free account if possible)


This is extremely important, as several complaints have been made in the past about sellers disappearing. If the individual wants to trade but won't divulge the details above then they cannot be trusted to trade with. With the above information you have some means of tracking that individual down.


Any sellers or buyers that do not wish to divulge the above details to a person that they have agreed a sale with are asked not to advertise on these boards.


Individuals that are reported to us who are advertising, but will not exchange details with an agreed buyer/seller will be banned from the site.


To reiterate for clarity: When a sale or trade is agreed, BOTH PARTIES must exchange details before the exchange of goods.


Optional backup: As a further backup you are welcome to use the email facility on these boards (the email button found in a person's profile or forum post), if available, to send your details to the other party you are trading with. All emails sent through the forum are logged, and if there is an urgent need, an admin can lookup emails that have been sent through the boards.


Emails sent though the forum arrived tagged in your (or the recipient's) email box with "(From ArniesAirsoft Forums)" in the subject line, and the email headers can be checked to verify where the email was sent from. Please be aware that some spam filters falsely block emails from the forums. There is nothing we can do about this.





Please let all the other members know if you have had a particularly good trading experience with another member. It helps keep everyone informed as to who are the best people to trade with.


Equally, let us know if another member has not behaved in a manner becoming of an Arnie's Airsoft trader. It will help others avoid those who do not live up to their promises.


Use the links below to add your feedback...


Good Traders: (UK), (USA), (World Wide)


Bad Traders: (UK), (USA), (World Wide)


We reserve the right to refuse to publish any advertisement without ascertaining any reason, and to classify, edit and delete at its sole discretion. The placing of any advert is an acceptance of these conditions.


Thank you for reading. Enjoy the forums wink.gif

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