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Goodbye to all that?

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Some of you have probably noticed I've got a big sale of some of my airsoft possessions going on (If you haven't, try this link...) wink.gif )


I was getting a degree of grief at home at having these dangerous guns around the house (actually they're always kept hidden safely away in the loft, but that's beside the point) and I decided that, with the looming threat of the VCR Bill (much as I hope it doesn't happen, I fear it will), there was really not much sense keeping so much money tied up in toy guns...


More worrying, as someone who likes to personalise my handguns a bit, mainly with aftermarket grips, was the post from someone who had 7 policemen on his doorstep for importing some Hogue grips for a SIG - This seems like harassment to me, but I certainly wouldn't want that experience...


So, I sat down and listed out all my current collection and put an asterisk by the few I really couldn't bear to be parted with (My midnight blue Tanaka S&W M29, my WA SVI Hybrid Comp 6" and my Tanaka Luger Artillery notably, although there were a few others) and then discounted the ones which have serious, can't sell on, problems (like the lovely WA Beretta M92FS that randomly shoots at about 100fps...it's not the one I have for sale, btw).


What was left is now up for sale and I must say that packing the ones sold so far and posting them off to their new owners is actually quite an enjoyable experience.


Sure, I'm converting them into cash, but it's mainly that the ones for sale have been sitting in the cupboard for months (sometimes 12+) waiting to be shot and digging them out for one last test fire (I don't like to post off things that I' m not 100% sure work!) has been fun.


I've always been more interested in trying the guns out, running them through my review process and then getting some others to try, so hopefully someone else will have some fun with these guns and there are still some for sale.


I won't be abandoning airsoft altogether (collective sigh of disappointment?) and, if the VCR Bill is in some way diluted, I may even start collecting and reviewing again, but as things stand, I shall be winding things down as I stop obtaining different guns to review.


But ... that silver Tanaka Colt Python on GunsNGuys looks very tempting! smile.gif



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