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Where do they go?



Having been mooching around the forums now for a few years, I notice a definite pattern.


Some people are extremely active on a forum for some length of time and then vanish.


Some, like HissingSid, go involuntarily, but others just seem to fade away.


GhostRider and HardcoreMitsuko fall into this category. There was a time where a day didn't pass without a flurry of postings (usually quite interesting - A feminine view, especially, was a novelty), but they seem to have moved onto other things.


Antagon was another - I still have a WA Jati-Matic of his in my loft, but I've not heard from him in over a year.


So, where do they go? Do they just grow weary of airsofting, get real jobs, take up crochet or just lose interest in reading the same old threads over and over again?


Who knows, but if you know, tell me!



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Have not a clue as well.

I too notice the lack of them.. don't see antagon over on ASR too. Don't forget mr D.Rat too. :)

It sort of seems as though it happens when forums change or get hacked or ... *gasp* real life*gasp* intervenes.


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