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Been a while



Yeah, I've not really paid much attention to this I must admit.


Anyhoo, since the last entry main events / goings on include:


Graduation ball - It was a decent night though I was pretty ill and struggled through the hours I was there thanks to a few pints before having to admit defeat early on in the night. It was a bit of a shame I had to leave early but I'm glad I got some use of the £40 suit rental I'd stumped up for it. It was probably the last time I saw some peeps from uni too so that was a good reason for going!


I had a game down GZ for the first time since the xmas game last December. It was a good day and I got a few sneaky kills in. It was also nice to be back running around and getting more stuck into things since jacking in the VSR end of last year / start of this year.


Having my car written off. Yup, not even 4 months of ownership, and it is gone thanks to a securicor van shunting a ford KA into me while I sat stationary in a queue of traffic. Currently I'm awaiting the situation to be sorted and get a cheque through to get a new car. I'll also likely be out of pocket compared to what I paid for the car back in March too sad.gif. Also worse given the set of alloys I had ready to refurb for it that are now useless to me unless I do them up to sell on, as are the replacement headlights I was about to fit at last too. Grrrr.


Buying a second hand PS3. The offer was there and I couldn't resist. No games as of yet due to finances being slightly tight. The purchase of a 32" HDTV might have contributed to that slightly *ahem*. It was a finishing uni pressie...and of course I can't have a next gen HD capable console running through a CRT tv now can I ?!


Getting uni results through, and finishing with a 2:1 (just!). Graduation is on July 23rd, though I won't be attending as for the sake of a handshake and a silly gown at my expense (£40 for a few hours use - rip off merchants). It is nice to have finally done it, though without uni things do seem a little empty / lost.


And now I'm mostly not doing much with my time, as extra hours aren't available at my p/t job currently, of much detriment to my bank account’s health too.


My MP5K has been a tricky little gitt lately, with possible causes of a mystery non-firing problem being eliminated one by one. I think I now have it down to a *fruitcage*ed battery so a new one is en route to hopefully bring closure and have the wee beastie up and running once more. Important given the ever closer coming GZ weekender end of August. I have just today also got the stock adaptor painted up again after the mods needed to make it work with the MP5 folding stock I bought. It is looking pretty cool I reckon, I’ll get a photo up soon.


I’ve also got a couple of other small bits on the way, namely 2 more HSGI PMP singles at last. Still a fair bit to get before the weekender, so god knows where the money will come from – hopefully the last few items I have for sale *hint hint* !


Otherwise it has been a little bit of something here and there but on the whole just relaxing for the first time this year really biggrin.gif





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