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  1. Top trader, extremely rapid to despatch. Goods as described.

  2. That'll be because there are too many internet heroes about these days I'd not take too much notice of it !
  3. The G&P models look pretty tasty. It is a shame importing is no longer as hassle free and easy as it once was, or I'd be very tempted.
  4. Cliched, but what the hell... Have a good one everybody!
  5. Great guy to deal with - quick payment and good comms throughout. Cheers mate.

  6. Great guy to deal with - fast payment and friendly comms throughout. Thanks :)

  7. Spot on seller great to deal with.

  8. I'm not that active on here anymore after my PC died, this 3 month late reply proves it Anyway, I think we both know why your blog has the highest number of views
  9. Well, I guess it is slightly obvious I forgot all about this blog. It's a Sunday, I'm not really doing a whole lot, so I figured why not make an update entry of what I've been up to since the last entry. I love Bank Hol weekends ! Lets see... The 07 GZ weekender was an interesting and fun weekend. I haven't made it there this year unfortunately but it looked to be even bigger than the last player wise. I finally got the hassle with my written off Honda Prelude sorted in November, and bought a new car after some serious hours working. I chose an imported Starlet GT turbo in
  10. Still about then mate :P

  11. I take it from the apparent lost of a few minor items you had a good weekend then mate ?
  12. So you won't take £50 for a glock then ? What about £50 and a pack of polos ? (Only half eaten) Muppets, some kids need to learn that not having enough money means you can't buy something until you do. Either that, or I really have been going about things wrong for quite a while... ....reckon we can take a trip to lyndhurst and pick up a 360 Spyder for a couple of grand ? Keep up the good work buddy
  13. Shard


    Hehe, I think my urges to have any sort of half decent performing car are fast going bye bye in favour of something less pricey, which will leave me more £££ for other things. And there was me hoping to at least get a car that could do 0-60mph in 10 seconds or under On the plus side, it is now official that I shall become a permanently employed PC world chappy, so I shall have a secure income for a while now. That'll help run any car and also allow me to save some cash too which is cool How did the test go buddy ?!
  14. Nutter, but as you say it was on the list of possibilities for a while. I might have to pay ya a visit to have a chat this week somewhen mate
  15. It needed to be metal, because metal is better feeling than plastic and when it was on it really made the gun feel solid ! Shame in this case while the material was fine the making was *beep* beyond *beep* And as I said, £15 and it is yours to do with as you wish (Delivery inc, it still has to get to you and my time is obviously worth money hehe) Least my K is back to normal appearance wise now anyway, I just need to fit the 9.6v in somehow and it is a little beast
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