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A little WA Beretta work, decided on my new project.



Took a few sunny shots of the Creation Sig. Interestingly enough since I have completed it, it has been through two owners, now waiting for word back on the third. Man this thing has changed hands like nothing before. I don't even know who is going to end up with it.





I managed to source a Prime slide for my Beretta. Unfortunately it is black, while my gun (well both of them) are INOX. Shame, but who can turn down a metal slide so you can run green through a WA Beretta? I don't know if I will keep it this way, I might go back to silver and just stump up and buy the INOX body kit, since this slide is missing both the ejector and a top panel on the slide. First look was with the INOX frame:





I didn't like the look of it, and I happen to have a spare Perfect Version body, so I swapped the frame to the black one. Looks better, but is still off looking. I need to at least source a black magazine, but I just don't know anymore. I might swap back to the heavy weight frame and then stump up for the full Prime kit. Who knows.






I also have to find a recoil spring soon, even though the slide weighs a few grams less than the stock one, it needs a spring badly. Lame since I just made a tiny order from Den that would have been fine to throw them on to. Stupid.


Next project is done, in the bag. Sourced the body, the internals I want, all that is left is to pick up the gun from Pinnacle next week. I had to build a Sig after that Creation build.


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