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Where does the time go....



I haven't thought about what guns I actually own in awhile. Right now this is the list:


KSC/BoomArms Schuey Custom Glock 17 Straight Frame

KSC Sig SP2009 (finally got it shooting)


Marushin Sig P210 (8mm)

Marushin Deringer (6mm)


SIIS IMI Desert Eagle .50AE 10"


Tanaka Browning Hi Power MKIII

Tanaka Ruger Super Redhawk 9.5" HW .44 Magnum

Tanaka SAA Cavalry Midnight


TM/SD SVI Expert 6.0 (Hi Capa 5.1)

TM Hi Capa 5.1 Race Gun

TM/SD Detonics Combat Master MKVI

TM/PGC Sig Sauer P226 Non-Rail

TM/PGC Sig Sauer P226 Elite

TM/PGC Colt M1911A1

TM/PGC Colt Delta Elite Comp

TM Hi Capa 4.3 Dual Tone


WA Beretta M92FS Inox (1st Version)

WA/Prime Beretta M92FS Two Tone


WA/PGC Springfield Operator

WA SVI Speed Master


The latest purchase was the WA Speed Master. One of the new Magna Re-Releases. I am more than excited (just cleared customs, but won't be here until Monday). I managed to sell a lot of guns last week, so I had real money to spend. Stocked up on everything I thought I would need for the Speed Master, and then lo and behold I found a few of the little bits in a bag in my parts bin.


Either way I am excited to be getting a new WA, which hasn't happened in a very long time. I basically swore of them after the fiasco that has been my experiences with WA SVIs. Got bit once with a SCW2 6", then bought the same thing in SCW3 and got bit again. Third time is a charm right?!


In other news I have been slowly building a few guns here and there. I have a few client builds lined up. I get to do some tuning on a friend of mines guns. No money, but he takes care of me, how can I do any less. I also have an old client sending up a brand new build, that the parts list alone makes me shake in excitement. Check this out:


TM 1911

TM mags 5x

PGC colt version

PGC rear sight

PDI tightbore 6.01mm


PDI Palsonite Sear

KM Steel Trigger

KM Valve Knocker

KM spring guide

KM recoil plug

KM hammer strut

KM hopup

Prime steel slide stop

Prime barrel bushing

Prime magazine catch

Prime main spring housing

Prime grip safety kimber

SD recoil spring

SD hammer spring

Nine Ball Dyna Piston

Guarder Hi Flows (x5 mags)

Tanio Koba Outer Barrel

Charles Daly grips

Novak Rear sight





This gun is going to be incredible. I get to check out the Nova Controls, plus the body is a PGC, my favorite. He has been saving up parts, bits and pieces for at least three months now. I once completed and tuned his old Guarder bodied 1911. Now he is moving up to the big time.


I am actually extra excited, this might be my first actual repeat customer, other than my friends. Hopefully this trend continues.


Junior and I have some sort of weird gun exchange going on. He is sending me his WA/Prime V10 to borrow and check out. I, in turn, have my PGC 1911 heading his way. I must say it is very re-assuring to have met someone over the interweb, who has turned out to be a true stand up individual, who has grown into a true friend. I mean we are exchanging almost 1K worth of custom pistols from one coast to the other. I mean, it sounds crazy, but I truly trust Junior period. If only everyone was as trustworthy and stand up as he.


I also made the decision to jump back into AEGS. I bit the bullet and ordered one of the new blowback TM AK74Ms. I am actually pretty excited. The gun hasn't arrived yet, but the accessories have. I am going light on the internals, just a SP110 spring and 6mm bearings. Raptor Packs is going to make me a custom 9.6v battery to run (hopefully) and Pinnacle will of course be handling the build.


I also picked up a RS Kobra side mount Red Dot for it. Maybe I will actually use this one...




I need to keep up with this thing more. I like having a record of what I am doing and working on, just so I can remember.


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