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P90 Mosfet Mod

T0p Sp!N


Hello and welcome to my Blog,


Since I have a lot of free time on my hands lately, I've decided to tweak my P90, work with other electronic projects, and make use of this blog.


Yesterday, I finished completing my first Mosfet project with promising results.

It was mainly a quick, messy bodge job. I could have used some PC board after all.


The Mosfet seems to function properly, but with only 2 or 3 malfunctions.

This was most likely due to a short at the negative lead of the motor, but was quickly remedied with heat shrink tubing.

This may also have been caused by poor tinning in the circuit.


The Mosfet is currently mounted above the motor area, but, at first, I planned on placing it below the trigger contact area/above the fake ejection port piece. Though, because I didn't I can later put a Burst Fire circuit there later.


Next, I plan to add a P-chan Mosfet for Active Breaking.

The P-chan Mosfet I have, though, may be insufficient or a mismatch for the current Mosfet.

Only going straight forward and actually testing it can resolve this.


I also plan to try the capacitor mod once I get ahold of some with good specs.


Lastly, I plan on doing the Burst Fire mod posted hear by our fellow member, Yuri.



The combination of all these mods seems to be a unique and challenging one for the amateur AEG user and electronics hobbyist that I am.


I have also thought of selling stable forms of these projects, but competition, the hassle of QC, and pricing isn't something I might have to deal with.


Check back and feel free to comment or ask questions.





[Note: I haven't tested my P90 stock or measured current FPS or, more importantly to me at least, ROF.

If you can, PM me some figures of what you have found for FPS/ROF with various setups (Battery,Piston,Motor,Barrel,Etc.)

I'm using an 8.4v Elite cell Battery with Deans Ultra and 12 gauge wire.]


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