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Various Projects

T0p Sp!N




Its been a while since I added any new entries.


I've been thinking of some possible projects but I usually don't have the tools, funds, or time to do them.


One project that I've been on again off again with is an airsoft SKS.

I plan on making it gas and blowback. Though, I also thought of using MagnumBB's M14 NBB kit.

Stocks are fairly priced and parts (bolt carriers, receiver covers) are easy to find.

Though, I might use an Albanian SKS stock just for looks.


Another project I thought of was making a Walther WA2000 influenced sniper rifle.

It would be based off a M324, but I imagine that the way that the barrel and receiver sit in the gun, other base guns (VSRs, Bar10s, etc) could easily be modified to fit.

The rifle would look close to a WA2000 except with more square tubing on the upper parts of the frame and bolt action.


One last project that I recently thought of was a custom metal Jericho 941.

It would require alot of milling of course.

I plan on making the base off a 1911 (custom mags/modified blowback system) or a glock.

Still, I think I'm going to have to find a better mill.




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