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Realism vs Fantasy

chris u'5


As I mentioned in my previous entry, after several years of collecting GBBs I purchased my first AEG just prior to 1st October 2007.

Strangely enough however I didn't actually fire my new rifle until January 2008! Due to work commitments my rifle lay in its box for several months but during this time I began the airsofters favourite pastime of upgrading and customising my gun.

Its crazy how after spending several hundred pounds on a gun we then go on to spend easily double the value of the gun on upgrades and accessories until we get it just as we want it!

Anyway, my new rifle gradually began to take shape and I finally found some time to take it out for a test run and to try on all my new gear but sadly this momentus occassion left me seriously underwhelmed.

Stupidly on my part I think the AEG had become something more than it really was which is basically a toy. Of course I always knew it was just an AEG but after all the months of adding fancing accessories and tweaking and tuning it is quite easy to forget and get carried away. So I was obviously a bit dissapointed after pulling the trigger for the first time and found I was holding something that looked like a real gun and felt like a real gun but actually sounded like a sewing machine!

Of course this was all stupidity on my part. The whole event had been built up too much but it made me realise that airsofting is just a hobby like any other which should just be accepted for what it is.

It is very easy to become carried away and take the hobby of airsofting too seriously which is something that many of us are probably guilty of.

This incident certainly helped me put things into perspective and slowly im trying to change my attitude towards all the 'must have' clothing and equipment available but its not easy. I have said before in the forums that I love reading the posts made by the guys who really know their stuff in regards to equipment and clothing, it actually makes my head spin sometimes but their knowledge and dedication is something to be admired. Sometimes I wonder if the actual soldiers using this gear know as much about it though!

Obviously 'geardoism' is an aspect of airsoft like any other but I think the point I am trying to make is that you dont have to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on guns and equipment to enjoy airsoft (im doing my best to confince myself of this anyway)

Just get out on the field and have some fun :D


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