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  1. I have a VFC/Umarex Heckler & Koch 45CT GBB pistol for sale which has been fitted with with a very nice LIMITED EDITION Nova aluminium slide, outer barrel and Heinie type sights. It also comes with an 'Elephant's Foot' magazine extension. The outer barrel has been Cerakoted black. It is in mint condition as it has only been test fired and comes with the original box and instructions. The basic pistol cost £170 and the slide set was $194 but I am only asking for £230 with £12 for postage, I'll even include the original slide, outer barrel and sights. I'm having a bit of troub
  2. Is it the WILD2? Here's an article on it from The Firearm Blog; https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/09/28/inforce-wild2-handgun-light-now-available/
  3. Thank you very much for that excellent info, I'm very grateful for you help.
  4. Could I also ask another question please? Are those genuine sights you have on your Guarder slide or airsoft replicas? One of the selling points of the Guarder steel slide is that it accepts genuine Glock sights but I see this more of a disadvantage as there are large number of high quality airsoft replicas on the market for a fraction of the price of the RS versions. I'll get some pictures of my Glock collection posted soon.
  5. Nice! PM sent. I'm so annoyed that I sold so many of my WA collection, there were some real crackers that went for next to nothing! I'll post some pictures of what I have left.
  6. Yeah I've emailed them once or twice but never received a reply. If anyone has info on any retailers stocking WA products I'd be very grateful if you could get in touch or if anyone wants to sell privately as well?
  7. Just tried Airsoft Shop Japan and Impulse and neither seem to be stocking Western Arms anymore. I was a massive WA fan back in the day and still have some of my collection, I'd love to find a retailer still selling WA so if anyone has any tips I'd be really grateful.
  8. Wow! That's amazing! Thank you very much for the video, looks like I'll be making a purchase shortly 😉 Is this the set you have; https://www.powair6.com/en/gbb-pistol-parts/6947-volante-airsoft-stratos-bbu-for-tm-kj-g17-22-26-34.html Also, if you have time could you please post a picture of the top of your TM/Guarder Glock 34? I'm really interested to see how your outer barrel has worn. Thank you again for all of your help.
  9. Very nice set-up! Well done. I've been away from the airsoft world for a while now but had been working on a build using a steel Guarder G34 slide and this is the first I've heard of the Volante BBU. I've tried various recoil springs, BBUs, gas etc but I've never been able to get the pistol to function correctly due to the weight of the slide, does the Volante BBU solve this issue? I'd be extremely grateful for your input on this. Thank you, Chris
  10. Thanks. Mine is the newer version too, I'm not sure if it will loosen up as the magazine is showing quite a bit of wear and it has gotten a bit better but I've got a bad feeling that it's so tight that it may depress the high flow valve installed in the magazine and dump all the gas (I've not had a chance to test it properly yet) I've actually got one of the original frames come to think of it, I'll need to try it out and see if the same problem occurs.
  11. Has anyone who has installed the Guarder TM Glock 17 frame found that the magazine is a very tight fit and it doesn't drop free very easily?
  12. Thank you Arnie I'd love to be able to access my old posts and threads but I understand that to do so would be detrimental to the forum. Thank you for the reply though.
  13. I've not been on the forum for a long time and while my profile is still active I can only view the post and threads I made from 31st December 2009 onwards (I have posts going back to 2006) Is this a new feature or perhaps because I wasn't around at the time of the change I was required to do something that hasn't been done? Thank you.
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