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chris u'5


How happy is Sledge going to be that polls are working?  

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  1. 1. How happy is Sledge going to be that polls are working?

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For the past month or so I've had very little time to get anything done airsoft wise unfortunately as Im working away from home at the moment. Im away during the week but travel back on Friday nights and leave again on Sunday afternoons which doesn't leave much time for anything really!

My TM Springfield project has more or less come to a halt as a result but I have purchased a PDI SFA hammer and a PDI SFA outer barrel recently to finish the pistol off. Along with the 'real steel' SFA GI grips I managed to get hold of last year I think it will look pretty good when it all comes together.

I have installed the frame but the slide still needs to go on. It's very tight so Im going to have to remove some material from inside the rails but I've not really looked at it properly for a while and I was also a bit unsure about the best method to do this. I've smoothed down the areas at either side of the chamber which will hopefully reduce the chances of the outer barrel catching and becoming damaged and obviously improve the operation of the pistol. Im sure it will get finished one day!

Next in line is a TM Glock 17 to which I will be fitting a Guarder frame and a Boomarms Glock 34 Shuey slide. I've decided to do this for a change more than anything as this style of pistol is something I've never owned before so Im looking forward to that.

I also have a WA Beretta 92 'Carbon Black' and a WA MEU 'Carbon Black' on the way. For the time being all that will be happening to those is a pair of Beretta wooden grips and a pair of Pachmayrs.

So despite quite a bit being in the pipeline nothing is really happening at the moment and by the looks of it things wont change much for the next few months at least :(


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