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Who I Is



Since I've found that only doing videos when I'm home at the weekend/on leave is rather limiting from now on I'll be making them here in the barrack block since this is now where all my new stuff is going to pitch up. Having been here just over 2 months now the first few orders of guns and equipment have been flowing through the mail room here on camp, and after the 2 years of having to send it all home and not get my hands on it for months it's really been a great relief, and to be honest I feel like I'm actually living my life now, whereas I spent 2 years on the pause button up in Scotland.


Anyway, as a pre-cursor to the videos I'll be doing from my room, I've done a short video introduction to my block and myself:




I did continue to carry on talking about the recently arrived purchase, ripping open the packaging etc, but the videos are pretty long and in HD, and youtube's uploader is being supremely un-cooperative.


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