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Too much money, not enough sense



OK, so I'm going to be $700 richer in the coming days. Want to try and persuade me into not starting any mildly-crazy-to-batshit-insane airsoft projects?

1. Mildly crazy: Magpul-kitted SR25. JG based, fitted with a G&G hop-up, nozzle and standard V2 gearbox, with MOE foregrip and PRS stock.

Won't cost a fortune, considering that I can get a decent discount at the local airsoft store and knockoff Magpul parts aren't really that hard to get.

2. Nuts: The Space Blaster. Stark S18C GBB with Guarder threaded barrel, AABB KPOS kit, a Docter or C-More red dot and the can I use on my USP.

KPOS kit can't be bought without some digging and asking, and the Stark brand is relatively unknown. A couple of long mags should turn this thing into an useful CQB weapon that looks cool on photos.

3. Flap-Eared Royal Fruitcake: Assassin Rifle. KJW M700 Takedown with Tanaka 30-rd mag, silencer adapter and the humongous can I got off my friend.

Simple but costly and useful only for photo ops. Would be nice if I found some way to detach the stock as well and an inexpensive case to keep it in. Good that I have friends in indie movie business and the local airsoft shop sometimes lends replicas for photo ops, and not for free at that.

4. Batshit Insane: Longsword SS-AP5 Rifle, Redneck Edition. A KJW KC-02 with extended mag release, Well MB05 stock, Falcon 510mm barrel encased in a rectangular aluminium profile and some other assorted gubbins.

This is going to require a fully stocked workshop ("Oh, hi dad... I want to build a science-fiction sniper rifle." - "OK, no problem, apart from the fact that you're completely crazy."), won't look EXACTLY like the sniper rifle from DXHR and will be just barely more practical than the M700.


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