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So, I finally got some extra cash, after all the sources for cheap Muzzelite stocks and all but one source for a cheap 10/22 dried up. And then, during the search for cheap Muzzelites, Google started actively scaring me with all those real-steel forums and people repeating multiple variants of "awful trigger pull". So today, I decided that I have to choose: "buy me now or forever stay your hand". Let's flip a coin, I thought, and got out a quarter-dollar coin I carry in my wallet.


"All right. Heads, I wait. Tails, I go for it."


And then, I flipped the coin. Like a spaz. Failed to catch it and it fell on the floor. Tails up. That doesn't count, I thought and flipped it again.


I did it like a spaz again. It landed on the floor, tails up. Apparently the universe is trying to tell me something. I flipped it for the third time.


This time I caught it. Tails again. SHOPPING TIME!


I placed orders at the online shops and e-mailed the guy who could source a Muzzelite for me with sane shipping costs. I only held out on the scope as I think I'll be able to get one a little cheaper here. Once spring comes, I'll have the thing up and running. Super light, super compact semi-automatic sniper rifle with enough power to fling the BBs over 200 feet away. And it'll look cool on photos.


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