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How I became an armorer



Airsofting is fun. Even if you run out of batteries, green gas and BBs, you can still walt around posing for photos (and remember, mud on your Weesatch makes the photos grittier and more "real"!). Sometimes even folks who don't airsoft want to walt around with your guns.

For example, there's a local photography hobby group consisting of photographers, models and make-up artists, who organize weekly themed photoshoots - for example "Zombie Apocalypse", "Carnivale", "Weddings", "Alice in Wonderland", "The Witcher", "Shadowrun", etc. Considering I'm a Shadowrun fan, when I heard about the photoshoot two weeks earlier, I suggested I can bring some airsoft guns if anyone needs them. Turned out, they did. So I put my urban pixel pants on, grabbed a knockoff Eagle PT armor, my kneepads, a katana for that "Street Samurai" vibe and pretty much every gun I had, dumped it in a duffel bag and off to the photoshoot I went.


We were shooting downtown. In the streets. Of course someone was kind enough to hit the nearest cop shop in advance and notify them there'll be weirdos wandering around with guns, so we had no problems with that. There were also other airsofters who brought a couple more toys, but as far as sheer amount goes, I got more than all of them combined. And my collection isn't even as big as those of, for example, FireKnife or Lord_Sex.

Also, most of the models were girls. And here's the funniest bit: imagine a skinny, 5'0" blonde with latex elf ears, wearing a catsuit and more belts than Lulu from Final Fantasy 8, with my Wingun 703 8" handcannon (with an Aimpoint M2 slapped on top). Slightly comical. Others were less extravagant: dual M9s, dual 1911s, PPK, silenced USP. I decided to run around with the Ugly Stick, for that '80s futuristic feel.


Of course I advertised on the group's forum that if need be, I have guns I can borrow so they don't have to bother any shops for it (the earlier "Zombie Apocalypse" photoshoot relied on guns provided by one of the shops), and so people already borrowed my handcannon (twice) and I'm already preparing for a cyberpunk-themed photoshoot in October (people from CD-Projekt RED studio, responsible for the Cyberpunk 2020 video game, are interested - hell, maybe I'll wind up in the promo materials...). I guess I'll have to expand my collection soon.


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