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An Armorer's Dilemma



Every airsofter and his dog has guns that are modern, military, tactical, etc., etc. The problem starts when you need something… different. “Futuristic” is not a problem: G36, P90, MP7, USP, Tavor, you’re set. #The Ugly Stick works too (after all, for SeaQuest, the original Total Recall and Starship Troopers it did). But when you need post-nuke, steampunk, Wild West or just the Roaring Twenties, you’ve got a problem.

My airsoft wishlist is a mile long. And some of the stuff is going to serve as a base for conversions anyway (for example, a Skorpion AEP turned into a StA-18 pistol from Killzone, or a Broomhandle Mauser-based steampunk handcannon). So, with the Film Noir photoshoot just around the corner, the wishlist order got a bit shuffled. Sure, I bought a RPD foregrip on Fleabay last week, because it cost me bubkes and actually was there (they show up pretty rarely, especially not as a set with the stock that I don’t need at all) in order to build a Chinese Assault Rifle from Fallout 3, but a tommygun has priority. First, I want a tommygun anyway, because of its humongous grin factor (I mean, how awesome it is to fire a long burst from the thing, especially when you quote gangster movies while doing it?), second, there’s just an opportunity to use it. A Fallout 3 rifle would have to wait for an appropriate photoshoot, as we did the #Zombie Apocalypse two weeks ago and it’s too cold for a post-nuke themed one anyway. And, as a quick survey among the #PRF members revealed, nobody has a tommygun - not an airsoft one, not a Denix, nothing. So, as an armorer, I think I have to source one. If I can afford it, and I want it, I’ll just buy it and call it a day.


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The Fallout 3 AK is an incredible idea. I'd personally love Rolands revolvers from the dark towe series, Stephen King. Itd be an interpreted gun as they only really exist in print - but theyll be SAA revolvers and bloody enormous ones too.


The only different gun I saw was a Kriss Vektor - I dont like the aesthetics but its the only gun on the day I could "see"-the rest being m4 types or g36 - I havnt seen mp5s as much.

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Dude, you're late. If you check my gallery, the Fallout 3 AK is pretty much done (I could make a better stock in place of the Galil one, but I lack the tools ATM). Also, I bought that tommygun soon after, because someone came up with a "Film Noir" idea for a shoot.

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