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Project Rhodie: The magazine related hissy fit



Well my those who've been following the Rhodie Project on my Facebook will know that my King Arms midcaps arrived a last! No sooner where they through the door the dremel and silicon spray were out and I was at work. For those not aware the KA G3 mags require the rear upper corner filed off to fit in the magazine housing correctly: a 30 second jobbie with a dremel on each mag and you're laughing.


Out came the Humbrol paint again and I was away, painting happily away making a mess of the place and myself. After experimenting with a few patterns I decided to stick to mainly yellow stripes on the green base bar a couple mags which I did all blotchy for something different. After the paint had dried they looked pretty good...rough and ugly as sin...but they certainly looked the part!


Now when I get new midcaps I do the usual service: remove the spring, spray silicon down the chute, then bomb up with silicon oiled BBs a few times. For this I was using Blaster Devils....then began the rise in blood pressure which has only JUST returned to normal.


After no more than 3 pumps of the speedloader...JAM! hmm....so I power through it and get about 25-30 BBs in the mag before it jams solid. Next to debomb the mag...nothing! So banging the mag I am able to unload the mag only 3-5 BBs at a time having to whack the mag every time. Highly infuriating stuff.


Well this carried on with EVERY...SINGLE....MAG!! I was beginning to lose hope: £37 blown on mags that don't work, I wanted to take a plane to Hong Kong and I quote "Ram these pieces of poo down the throat of the numpty that designed them" next time the Boss visited King Arms. Seriously the rage and cursing coming from my workshop was heard from the house.


Utterly chinstrapped I was about to throw in the towel and do what I really didn't want to do: buy Hicaps. Or hunt down and blow my money on the JG Midcaps which feed flawlessly. However one last try...only this time maybe with different BBs...I wonder?


Filling up the speedloader with *winces* Zero One .25s I started loading up the mags...so far so good; no resistance. In fact I filled a whole mag! In fact all five mags bar one worked flawlessly, the last one being not quite a lemon...a few taps here and there needed but it was workable at least.


So: nice decent BBs were a nono for these mags yet the crappy nasty BBs the KA Mids were gobbling them like a hooer! My rage was finally subsiding.


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