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  1. As is says on the tin: ongoing project with webbing, camo and guns
  2. Well my those who've been following the Rhodie Project on my Facebook will know that my King Arms midcaps arrived a last! No sooner where they through the door the dremel and silicon spray were out and I was at work. For those not aware the KA G3 mags require the rear upper corner filed off to fit in the magazine housing correctly: a 30 second jobbie with a dremel on each mag and you're laughing. Out came the Humbrol paint again and I was away, painting happily away making a mess of the place and myself. After experimenting with a few patterns I decided to stick to mainly yellow stripes on
  3. Rifle is now painted!

    1. Leon Kennedy
    2. Charmander442


      Will do in the morning once I add the finishing touches :)

  4. So I got into the office ready for a long boring day of invoices, telling people to use google when looking for plate carriers and the fortunate highlights of mercilessly taking the ###### out of my boss. But inside I was really excited as I knew the delivery had been and in that delivery would be my G3! Well I got the the office and OH NOES!! No delivery! So there I was cursing the recent snow fall with a raging passion, cursing UPS for being ###### and cursing the cat for mewing at me constantly trying to charm me out of this rage. Naturally the inner squaddie got a grip and I got an off
  5. I have my paints and I was ready to get cracking, so after experimenting on a bren pouch I was getting confident but the paint brush was looking rather dead so I decided to do this the old fashioned (and as it turns out: the historically accurate) way....my hands would be the paint brush! Donning the latex gloves as I'd just done my nails I was feeling like a school kid in art class. As it happens painting the webbing with one's hands is exceptionally effective: you get a very uneven and blotchy finish to the paint which normally my inner perfectionist would be ripping it's hair out and ge
  6. Okay so now I am finally ready to paint, I know the colours I'm after (well kinda) as they are simply known as babysh** yellow and forest green. Hand up fine I wasn't quite ready to paint them so I did some trawling online to find the right colours...success! The Rhodies used Du Pont vehicle paints on just about EVERYTHING! So I had my paint codes, I knew roughly how much I needed so I hit 'DuPont paint' into Google...nothing! I typed a few searches and came up with zip. Ah. So I went on the DuPont website and emailed them asking where I can pick up their product from as there's no listin
  7. Waiting for my G3A3...I have Rhodie paint awaiting it's arrival

  8. So after doing a lot of research about what webbing the Rhodies used in the bush war I was very pleasantly surprised that Pattern 58 webbing was commonly used (heavily modified of course) along with Pattern 37, Pattern 64, SADF Pattern 70 and locally made copies of the previous. Due to restrictions the troopie used what he could get hold of, and people coming from overseas were often told if they do: bring webbing, more webbing and even more webbing. As it just so happened I had at my disposal a set of Pattern 58 webbing and a couple Pattern 37 pouches. After talking to my good friend O'Su
  9. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... Okay to be more precise it was actually Essex and was late last year but the initial introduction had a touch more class than "Last year in Essex" but that's not the point. I had been looking at Rhodesian history for a while on and off for a while last year as to be honest it's fascinating stuff both from a political sense and a military sense. However it never really went further than looking at photos and looking on Varusteleka for SADF and Rhodie kit and thinking "Oh if only" To I left it and went off in all my issued kit for games, still
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