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  1. blobface

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Christ, what an obnoxious video, almost as bad as the guns themselves.
  2. blobface

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    GP30 adapter for @Skarclaw 's 10" BCM M4, but can't help but install it on mine while testing things out. (note gap between grip is wider on mine than his due to different handguard and spacing between receiver and first keymod position) If only I owned a Perst laser.
  3. blobface

    Showguns have made a striker 12

    When / if you get one please look into APS feasibility..!
  4. blobface

    FN Picture Thread

    TM NGRS, work in progress, had to print a really thick adapter plate for it to work. Will chop down the front at some point too.
  5. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    I buy the units directly from Volante in Korea, he ships worldwide. The G34 (black) hasn't had many rounds through so it wouldn't be a meaningful indication, however, the TTI style one as seen in the video has had many more, close to a thousand if not more given it's the go-to for the IPSC style shooting I do until recently, this slide made by Trigger Happy has slightly different fitting to normal Guarder slide so I suspect the barrel / slide contact is not the same as the Guarder ones, the TiN coating has worn / chipped at the corner where they meet, but otherwise it's held up well, there's zero wear further down the barrel near the muzzle / slide contact. I'm also using real sights for both the G34s, while Guarder advertise them to take RS sights, they actually don't, not without different modifications, the cuts are wider than the real ones so you'd have to either pack them out with materials (aluminium sheets or card), or in case of the TTI slide, which uses traditional TM design so I used an imperial countersunk screw to pull the rs sight down from under the BBU at the hole designed for grub screw. As for price of rs sights, you can get a set of steel made fibre optic sights for Glock (the one seen on the Guarder black slide) from Amazon UK for £26. Feel free to PM me if you want more specific info for your builds etc.
  6. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    I own a steel G23, G26, G17 and G34 with two slides (TTI style and Guarder G34 as per that picture), they all have Volante unit installed. I only have a video of the G34 with TTI steel slide at hand, but it should answer your question.
  7. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    Very much so, to a point where I use them at an IPSC airsoft club often and do fine alongside people using short stroked hi-capas, basically I don't feel like I'll ever be bottlenecked by the guns despite having steel slides.
  8. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    TM x Guarder, steel slide gen 3 Glock34 with Volante BBU, and a hacky but functional 3D printed mounting solution for the SRO, 1.6mm below the top surface of the slide similar to the MOS range. Slide milled by @PureSilver
  9. blobface

    WE G series MOS full house

    Like this..? This is the VFC x ALC steel slide version, but using Shield SMS instead of RMS or SMS2.0, but same mounting footprint. Had to copy ALC's RMR plate and get my own plate CNC'd as there's no aftermarket options 😕 FWIW though the SMS / RMS aren't actually co-witness so to speak, but more similar to 1/3 you'd find on rifle optics.
  10. blobface

    Other Pistols (2020 Onwards)

    As both the Springfield and Other Pistols thread have long been archived, I'm creating another "Other Pistols" thread! TM x RA-Tech XDM 40 RA-Tech steel slide, HK3P frame, Sringer Precision magwell and mag plate, with Springer Precision style 3D printed brake, 3D printed optic mount and charging handle. Once my trusty skirmish tactic00l black pistol, it has since been turned into an IPSC style open gun.
  11. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    It is indeed, very snappy with the Volante BBU as well given this is the lightest steel slide the unit is compatible with.
  12. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    TM x Guarder G26, stainless steel slide and Volante BBU.
  13. blobface

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Out of interest why don't you wanna import one yourself?
  14. blobface

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    The ultimate Escape from Tarkov Obrez (PPS based)
  15. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    VFC Gen 5 17 with Pro-Arms MOS steel slide

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