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  1. TM NGRS G36KA2 turned into a Garand Thumb G36C, part list: - CA G36 Knight's Armament sight rail, chopped down - VFC G36 RAS for GBBR - VFC G36C FH - Manta Defence rail cover - Magpul AFG2 - WE IDZ stock - Mystery G36C grip with symbol marking over the S/E/F of the G36K - G36 PMAG A few 3D printed parts, as this is an AEG, there's a huge gap between the handguard and the body after the VFC rail was installed, so I had to print a piece and fill it with Milliput. A hole is also visible through the secondary bolt position for security the barrel,
  2. KWA Vector with MK5 "handguard" and a small 3D printed top rail section for the TLR8 as seen on 9HoleReviews.
  3. My pair of steel two-tone Glocks (Zev magwell has been turned silver digitally as I was deciding between black / silver, think I'm going with silver)
  4. Indeed it can, I developed it on the Quest(1) kinda on purpose to make sure it's lightweight enough that the extra power of Quest 2 will make it most definitely work.
  5. Christ, what an obnoxious video, almost as bad as the guns themselves.
  6. GP30 adapter for @Skarclaw 's 10" BCM M4, but can't help but install it on mine while testing things out. (note gap between grip is wider on mine than his due to different handguard and spacing between receiver and first keymod position) If only I owned a Perst laser.
  7. When / if you get one please look into APS feasibility..!
  8. TM NGRS, work in progress, had to print a really thick adapter plate for it to work. Will chop down the front at some point too.
  9. I buy the units directly from Volante in Korea, he ships worldwide. The G34 (black) hasn't had many rounds through so it wouldn't be a meaningful indication, however, the TTI style one as seen in the video has had many more, close to a thousand if not more given it's the go-to for the IPSC style shooting I do until recently, this slide made by Trigger Happy has slightly different fitting to normal Guarder slide so I suspect the barrel / slide contact is not the same as the Guarder ones, the TiN coating has worn / chipped at the corner where they meet, but otherwise it's held up well, there's z
  10. I own a steel G23, G26, G17 and G34 with two slides (TTI style and Guarder G34 as per that picture), they all have Volante unit installed. I only have a video of the G34 with TTI steel slide at hand, but it should answer your question.
  11. Very much so, to a point where I use them at an IPSC airsoft club often and do fine alongside people using short stroked hi-capas, basically I don't feel like I'll ever be bottlenecked by the guns despite having steel slides.
  12. TM x Guarder, steel slide gen 3 Glock34 with Volante BBU, and a hacky but functional 3D printed mounting solution for the SRO, 1.6mm below the top surface of the slide similar to the MOS range. Slide milled by @PureSilver
  13. Like this..? This is the VFC x ALC steel slide version, but using Shield SMS instead of RMS or SMS2.0, but same mounting footprint. Had to copy ALC's RMR plate and get my own plate CNC'd as there's no aftermarket options 😕 FWIW though the SMS / RMS aren't actually co-witness so to speak, but more similar to 1/3 you'd find on rifle optics.
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