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  1. Airsoft counts as "essential travel" right?

  2. Hatchet

    Who’s MP5is the nicest?

    Guarder's are pretty good, for airsoft. Depends what you're putting it on to - most of the airsoft handguards I've seen have interior guide rails at the stock end to lock onto the upper receiver, but real ones are just round and have a different mounting tab on the lower interior handguard. The Classic Army CA53 I had was somewhere between the two, so real handguards from militaria places may need modding to fit (but are much better made). The other main problem I've had with torch handguards (with surefire 6p) is not being able to use the QD suppressor at the same time.
  3. Hatchet

    Glove recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestions, both glove wise and medical. I did actually do this and was told by my GP (who's generally pretty good) that this was just a thing that can happen after impacts like this - I was concerned about fractures. I should point out this just seems to be for impacts to the less padded bonier outside of the fingers, not the palm side (it also hasn't happened so far with impacts to other places). I'm guessing it's just unfortunate combination of location, distance (these have all been relatively close) and age catching up with me. "but these days I'm collecting scars that don't seem to fade, cuts and bruises that won't go away". This is only the second time it's happened, but it's annoying enough that I'd rather fork out for some new gloves than spend time being annoyed at bruises. Cannonfodder - if I were doing just CQB I might go for something like that (or the Mechanix Breacher), since those are the impact areas I'm talking about, but they're a bit on the chunky side. Scorch - Any padding in the fingers rather than just knuckle? In the meantime, I shall drink more milk and try to get shot less...
  4. Hatchet

    Glove recommendations

    Having taken one too many rounds to the fingers, I'm looking for options for a new pair of gloves. Currently I'm running a pair of Hatch Operator Hard Knuckle which have lasted me for a few years now and probably will last a few more. The issue I'm having is that I'm taking shots to the outside of the fingers that's giving bone bruising (hard lump bruises that take months to go - if they go). As such I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for something with a bit more padding. There are plenty that have knuckle protection but less that are specifically on the fingers. Currently it looks like the Mechanix Mpact or Mpact 3 might do the job. Obviously I'm also looking for something that retains sufficient dexterity for mag changes and digging equipment out of pouches, so huge armoured motorcycle/prison riot gloves aren't really what I'm after. Any ideas?
  5. Hatchet


    As usual, built one (TM and old CA body made of lead or something), never used it much, sold it, slightly regretted it. Standard. Pictures on the H&K thread. For me the length of pull was always just not quite right and I didn't fancy putting an M4 stock on it. I think it could make a decent base for a DMR though as a change from the usual. I'm sure LCT could build one fairly easily, but I'd rather see their MP5 first.
  6. Hatchet

    Who’s MP5is the nicest?

    Agreed. Whilst it's nice to see them on youtube, there's a lot of "this gun is great" and no actual disassembly, looking at the gearbox, reporting on proprietary parts, etc. Would be useful to know if it uses it's own custom mosfet setup or if a Gate/Spectre is a drop in (or HPA) and so on. Despite the annoyance of small mag capacity and limited battery size in the sliding stock I am always on the lookout for more MP5 options. I blame every 80's action movie ever for this.
  7. Hatchet

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    That disassembly looks pretty horrific....
  8. Hatchet

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    The "thrill of in-combat reloading" can be a bit subjective. Given the cost (£85 - £120) and difficulty in changing box mags (especially if you have them wired to the gun's battery), a lot of people only run one. In which case, reloading is generally just fiddling around trying to pour bb's in, which isn't as fun or involved as mag changes on the NG recoils. Still, if it's easy to reload it might be ok. The battery may be less of an issue if it's possible to rewire to the rear.
  9. Hatchet

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    Interested in the MK46, but a 1000 round mag and a stick battery seem like odd choices for a support gun.
  10. Hatchet

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    There are a few more things I could do to this (like removing the last of the paint from the charging handle, swapping the pistol grip, some slightly higher scope mounts and actually installing the front sight), but it's pretty much done.
  11. Hatchet

    H&K Picture Thread

    The LCT ones look good and it'll be interesting to see some of the reviews. I suspect if they branch out then MP5 is the next most likely candidate, but we can always hope for an HK53/33. It would at least get rid of one of the large worries which is the body snapping at the front tabs. At least with a G3 you can run a PDI internal reinforcement core. That said, one of the nice things about my HK53 is how light it is, which makes a welcome change after running heavier guns for a while. I also really like the look of a K, but I could see it being quite a challenge to make... Not mine, found on http://imgur.com/gallery/oNIae I've seen a few done in similar ways and I'm tempted. But perhaps I'll get some game time with the current one first...
  12. Hatchet

    H&K Picture Thread

    7.62 is a lot easier. - See http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/194389-hk-picture-thread/?view=findpost&p=2695399 The large proportion of this build was spent getting the rear endplate to fit and then the stock attached to it. Really, it would have been a lot simpler just to pick up a CA33 rear stock and convert that. The downside of the relative rarity of these models (33/53) is the lack of spare or option parts, let alone cheap second hand spares. Such oddly designed guns (different receivers for the 33 and 53, different handguard mounting to every other MP5 out there, M4 style hop but MP5 lower, but G3 rear end rather than MP5...)
  13. Hatchet

    H&K Picture Thread

    So, finally got this project finished. Far more work than I might have hoped for but I have learnt some things for next time(!).
  14. Hatchet

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Think they're M2x4mm with a countersunk head.
  15. Hatchet


    I used them around mid December. No problems at all, free downgrade to 328fps (chrono certificate included in box), free shipping was very fast given the time of year (maybe a week?). Also had a technical query that was answered promptly. I provided UKARA number and it's probably a good idea. Can't hurt at any rate. No import charges due to EU.

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