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  1. Airsoft counts as "essential travel" right?

  2. There are a few more things I could do to this (like removing the last of the paint from the charging handle, swapping the pistol grip, some slightly higher scope mounts and actually installing the front sight), but it's pretty much done.
  3. The LCT ones look good and it'll be interesting to see some of the reviews. I suspect if they branch out then MP5 is the next most likely candidate, but we can always hope for an HK53/33. It would at least get rid of one of the large worries which is the body snapping at the front tabs. At least with a G3 you can run a PDI internal reinforcement core. That said, one of the nice things about my HK53 is how light it is, which makes a welcome change after running heavier guns for a while. I also really like the look of a K, but I could see it being quite a challenge to make... Not m
  4. 7.62 is a lot easier. - See http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/194389-hk-picture-thread/?view=findpost&p=2695399 The large proportion of this build was spent getting the rear endplate to fit and then the stock attached to it. Really, it would have been a lot simpler just to pick up a CA33 rear stock and convert that. The downside of the relative rarity of these models (33/53) is the lack of spare or option parts, let alone cheap second hand spares. Such oddly designed guns (different receivers for the 33 and 53, different handguard mounting to every other MP5 out there,
  5. So, finally got this project finished. Far more work than I might have hoped for but I have learnt some things for next time(!).
  6. I used them around mid December. No problems at all, free downgrade to 328fps (chrono certificate included in box), free shipping was very fast given the time of year (maybe a week?). Also had a technical query that was answered promptly. I provided UKARA number and it's probably a good idea. Can't hurt at any rate. No import charges due to EU.
  7. Just checking back in. How did the E&L AK install go? I had an attempt at doing mine but although the nozzle alignment looked better I still wasn't getting the results. Did you go with the default hop rubber/chamber? Any sequence to refitting gearbox (as there is with the M4's)?
  8. Yes, this is the kind of thing I'm seeing too. Sadly also with the E&L AK I tried putting it in. I've dropped AEG internals back in it and it's shooting straight and true again. I think I may have to wait for someone to do a system that utilises the existing aeg nozzles or similar. Or complete gearbox/barrel systems that attached to each other somehow.
  9. Into an old Classic Army body using a TM gearbox (and as noted, various hops, barrels, etc.) It was a *bit* of a build from spares job, so I can understand that. I know installs can vary, but I wonder if it's possible to compile a list of guns/manufacturers that are just drop ins. Might save some pain for those of us without the skills/gunsmiths to hand.
  10. Hey Rich. Many thanks for taking the time to comment on this. I know if I were that side of the pond I'd probably have got someone else to do the install as there seems to be a fair few shops offering that. "Normal" gearbox/wiring work I can handle, but when it comes to shimming, filing, or being able to tell differences in mm's then I'm outside of my abilities. My technical ability falls somewhere in the "can build lego with instructions" range. I've found the videos you've done very useful (flashlight checking alignment, initial setup), and it's clear you've put a lot of work into th
  11. E&L AK arrived. It smells of varnish and gun oil and you could club someone to death with it. What's not to like?

  12. Building top end guns is fun, but the part when you come to sell them and realise how much money you'll lose is... not so great.

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    2. Hatchet


      "Sell" is kind of an aspiration, rather than anything that ever actually happens... Actually, I should just see if there are equally high end swaps anywhere.

    3. judgeman
    4. Hatchet


      Worked out my MP5 package was about £800 to build. Ouch. Even if I get £400 for it, it's still painful enough to consider just holding on to.

  13. So I figured I'd start a thread on this seeing as at least 8 other people in the UK must have them (based on The Grange's sales). Overview In case you've not been following, the Wolverine SMP (Single Moving Part) is a high pressure air based system designed to drop in to existing gearboxes. The nearest similar product is the Polarstar, but that requires you to buy a complete gearbox shell, which will either be for a V2, V3 or (I think) M249. One of the main selling points of the Wolverine is that you can drop it into any gearbox that takes a standard sized cylinder and you're good to go -
  14. G3K-A4 with wooden furniture. Front end from a CA33, wood cut to size and refinished, entirely possible to club someone to death with it. Having spent a load of time and money (internally BTC mosfet, lonex gearbox, PDI core reinforcement etc), I now want to do something different. Always the way.
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