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  1. Pics of me and friends at Northern Wind and Lightning Strike and the gf came along as a roleplayer, although she ended up just playing since civilians just ended joining sides
  2. your so full of love, brighten my day everyday it has several pouches mounted, including water, radio, etc, just none on the front, armor for lead shoulder only
  3. actually i was making commentary on the current global financial crisis. Trigger is always an easy tell tale sign that its an airsoft gun.
  4. might as well get myself in here, from today, and excuse my weapon choices, my mp40 needs work =/
  5. few different pics from yesterday, started the day doing some ww2 fun, and then later we switched over to modern
  6. with normal mag, with 7.62 mag,
  7. Cause goggles make my helmet look cooler lololololol from today oh hell might as well drop this one in too, my poor teeth keep getting close calls >
  8. In the US, most army navy stores carry them for $15-$20 ebay also has them but they are a little more expensive for some reason http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-EAST-GERMAN-DDR-NV...p3286.m63.l1177
  9. East German wool great coat, they're great for snow games because you can roll around and never get wet, or if you accidentally lie in a puddle/small stream lol Me and two of my mates wear them,
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