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  1. Switched the stocks/receivers and I'm liking the results. Gonna be turning that G36 into an MG36 once I get the money with a First Factory box mag and maybe an Elcan scope on a flat top rail. Any suggestions for a flash hider/different outer barrel for the G36K? (or maybe it should be called an SL-8K now)
  2. First time posting pictures, here's my G36 family. Group Photo G36K, looking for a flash hider for this CA SL8 And avert your eyes, its my G36C i tried to style after a Hammerburst from GoW. It didn't turn out as cool as i thought.
  3. mine just came in and i have a few problems with it. first, the magazine is a pain to fill, i use a propane adapter and whenever i load it it spurts out propane everywhere, but it does get the gas in for a good 30 shots. i dunno if this is because the plastic of my adapter got warped or its because of the valve on the mag, but im 90% sure its the mag because i fill my WE magazines just fine. second, sometimes when i shoot, the mag release veryy slightly disengages and causes the mag to slide down and protrude from the bottom a bit so i have to either hold the mag or the right side of the
  4. does anybody know where i can find a first factory high grip? everywhere i looked theyre suddenly out of stock =[
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