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  1. A couple from last weekend's "Bonnie and Clyde" style photoshoot.... Slainte!
  2. Roger that- Very nice... rather have the model 607 flash hider than the 3-prong tho...
  3. I guess this goes here...? Stock Cybergun 1928 Thompson... ...Same After Guinness Weathering Work... Slainte!
  4. Happy to oblige, however not sure the modest Mods will agree, if any of my brothers give the high sign, I've deffo got a thread full....
  5. Really? That's the first thing? ....you should get out more ;P j/k Slainte!
  6. This works,.....yes? Slainte!
  7. hmmm This is still a "weapon" image innit? ;P Slainte!
  8. These count as "weapon" images yes? Slainte!
  9. Guinness

    A&K M60VN

    Yikes, sorry gentlemen, I hadn't noticed the question in this thread.... Quickly, mostly repaint, all Krylon- I put a list of colors in some picture thread I spammed with these pics when I finished it up, I think in the support weapons thread. The barrel assy. is Krylon 'gray primer', with a light over spray of Krylon 'Hammered gray'. The top cover was buffed shiny with a dremel and buffing pad, then one top coat of Krylon 'gloss black', the front plastic handguard, pistol grip and rear stock have about 3 coats of the gloss black. The receiver is a base coat of hammered bronze, and a
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