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  1. Roanix

    Custom Gear

    Holster I made, some of the edges of the webbing are fraying and the stiching isn't the best but im only 14 and didn't use a pattern so for me i think i did pretty good.
  2. My growing armory. Pretty good for a 15 year old.
  3. Here are some of my newly aquired M4. Started as a TM m4. Bought it as it is now. Has gone through some internal upgrades and is shooting around 380 atm.
  4. Here is a bunch of unholy fusions i made with PIMP MY AIRSOFT.
  5. Wow. That is quite an ineresting m14 you got there. Whats with the magpul on the mp5 mag? Is it for exra grip or something since the loop is pulled up like that?
  6. Nice loadout superhobo. I was acutally planning something myself with a coyote Eagle SKD UCR.
  7. Nice Loadout, One thing though you need to use some boot bands or even rubber bands if you can't get boot bands and fix your pants. It will look much more proffessonal.
  8. Roanix

    USP Picture Thread

    Ok that definately answers my question. I guess i am going to get the TM USP just for the fact that i know it will be the most reliable option out there. I wish they would come out with a gas USP.
  9. Roanix

    USP Picture Thread

    How does the Tanaka P8 perform? And seeing that it is the heavyweight version does it use hcf134a or green gas? I am looking into buying one for my BW loadout and would be much ablidged for your help.
  10. What the BW does alot is put eotechs ontop. So an Eotech 552 would be nice.
  11. Crunchy Bunny you might want to get some boot bands. Looks better and still keeps junk out of your boots.
  12. Recently did the dremel job on my STAR flat top rail for my KSK inspired G36k. Also added some weapon camo, what do you guys think?
  13. Where did you purchase your KSK rail?
  14. I see your Cocking handle broke too. Same thing happaned with mine, such cheap plastic. As far as the mod goes.........interesting to say the least.
  15. CA g36k w/ a STAR flat top rail and Mp7 flip up sights. Will eventually be adding an ACM eotech 552.
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