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  1. That looks like what you need, should be 24mm but maybe it's a typo. LCT probably wanted to replicate the real thing as realistically as possible, so they only put the 24mm threads on the front sight, pinned over a smooth barrel, just like the real thing.
  2. I love the STALKER AKs! I've already posted my STALKER AKSU a couple times, I have a project AKS74 that I'm considering STALKERizing. I need to work on getting a couple good STALKER loadouts together though.
  3. Actually I have a short AK locap, but it doesn't really feed. I like the fullsize mag anyway, I'd rather the gun not look like it's trying to be a Dragunov, now it looks more like PSL furniture installed on a modified AK.
  4. Lexan shield is the way to go, a small piece of 3mm thick Lexan is usually easy to find at a hardware store and doesn't cost much, you can use a heavy scissor to cut it, and a file to finish it round. I usually trace the size circle I need, then cut it out with a coping saw, and use a grinding wheel to grind it down to my traced circle. If I need a different shape the same procedure works fine. A Dremel works well also. I also picked up another AK that needed a home. Someone got a hold of one of those SVD conversion kits, but they installed it on a CM.036, instead of on a Marui style under
  5. CYMA sells it separately, but you might have to search around some HK sites to find it. It does work very well though, I have a T1 replica on my AIMS AK, having the optic right above my hand makes putting the dot on target really fast and easy.
  6. I just got a set of the Cyma clear mags, haven't had a chance to use them yet but so far they fit nicely in my AIMS You can see the bbs just well enough to see how low you are, but the plastic is dark enough with a matte finish, that the bbs aren't so clearly visible from a couple feet away. Here there are about 25 .4g bbs in the mag, I usually load 50 per mag. I hope the new grey colored .4g bbs aren't difficult to see in these mags.
  7. I'm not usually a fan of painted AK's, but that looks really cool, I like the two-tone tan and black, very unique. What helical gears did you use? I've put some of the less expensive helical gears in guns and they shot fine but sounded weird, and over time smoothed out. Seems that the less expensive gears like SHS, Super Shooter, etc, are cut well enough to work fine, but need some break in time for the teeth to wear a bit and smooth out. My RPK sounded kinda bad when I first built it, but now the gearbox sounds pretty smooth, I used $25 Super Shooter helical torque up gears.
  8. Time for more frankenAK. I had this CM.035 that fell down and cracked in half, it already had a few things crack on it so I think it was a bad batch of extra brittle potmetal. In that case it should have just become a wallhanger, or scrap metal, however... I decided to try fixing it: Some 1/16" aluminum and JB weld seem to be plenty strong, time will tell. I had cannibalized some parts already, so instead it got the front end from a CM.028, and the gearbox from a DBoys AK74. I quite like the way it came out, now I wish I had put more care into filling in the unused stock cat
  9. My friend has a Kobra on his Saiga AK, I'll have to have a look through it. Here are the two newest additions to my family. Nothing special, just a DBoys AKS74 that I picked up for $30, and a echo1 rebranded CM.048 that I got for $60: DBoys needs a proper dummy bolt and muzzle brake, Cyma needs rear sight and muzzle brake as well. They're both future projects for when I get around to them, they'll get the usual internal upgrades with 120 springs and tightbores, hopup, etc. The DBoys will be a proper Russian military AKS74, and the Cyma will get sanded and repainted to get rid of the
  10. Is RSOV the only supplier of those clear ACM mags? I haven't seen them before, I've really wanted some clear mags but a full set of Beta Project mags gets expensive, the shipping on those would be nearly as expensive though.
  11. Newest member of the family: Nothing special, just a regular DBoys. Someone offered it to me for $30 because the gearbox was messed up, the muzzle brake was gone, and the charging handle was broken off. I put an AKSU brake on because I don't have a '74 brake, came up with a new bolt, and went over the gearbox and hopup fixing or replacing whatever I didn't like, then rewired it. Not sure what I want to do with it, I have some spare CYMA gearboxes and I could build one up for it, do a little repainting, and get the correct brake, I guess I do need a proper modern Russian rifle.
  12. I did a quick Google search for the SRC handguard, I found one European distributor that seems to have it: http://www.safarasoftair.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2844 I also found a place in California that has it in imitation wood, as well as black plastic: http://www.airsoftlot.com/imitation-src-wood-akbeta-hand-guard-set-for-ak-airsoft-aeg-p-513.html#.UMLbn6V8Png
  13. If you can track down the SRC one, I would recommend that since it's drop-in and AKMSU style, otherwise one of the wood beta sets, or take a wooden handguard for a Marui and cut down and re-profile it to match the Beta handguard.
  14. Betas are fun little guns. JG actually makes one that way with the underfolder stock. I combined my JG Spetz with a CM.035, and used an SRC 'AKMSU' style lower handguard, sheetmetal upper handguard, and AKM muzzle break. (here it's pictured with the RPK 74 flash hider though) Found a newer pic and cropped it out, I think I call it the BetAKSU
  15. Update of my Mujaheddin impression. I think this is better. I wore the shalwar kameez pants in these and wore an old BDU jacket, if I'm going with the late 80's Mujaheddin then some US gear may be acceptable. I did find some PLA shoes that might be suitable, not sure if I'd actually wear them in-game, but if they were good enough for the PLA, they might be ok. I never did fakelite the mags, I fear the finish will eventually wear off the mags because they scrape together a lot. If I ever have the fortune to come across some Bakelite mags with worn or broken feed lips, I'll turn them into airsof
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