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  1. @matt.... would you mind resizing you pics a bit..or use imageshack ? It might be hard for modem users to get those pics..
  2. Looks great ... light and easy ..like it a lot
  3. looks good....a bit clean but generally cool
  4. Looks good...and the Paintjob as well....wouldn´t mind to have a closer look at that PJ
  5. Oldfashioned SAS Style....late 80´s
  6. thanx. feel free to send me your pic, and I will see what I can do about it Is this the arktis 42 chestrig ?
  7. Don´t think so. We just seem to have a tendency to be precise and accurate. .... sometimes
  8. Well.. not really a game loadout, but was great fun to "produce"
  9. he´s actually a big, big, ........silencer.... Like his flowerpower camo though
  10. Thanx Well it´s all about how precise one can handle masking liquids Ahh an btw. yes it´s an SA....Swiss Arms M6 or UTG in the US I asume. BTT.. Here is the Kings Arms FAL I´m currently reviewing.
  11. Well, this is my first DPM Paintjop on a Sniperrifle. Hope you like it
  12. Wasn´t there somebody asking for a flecktarnpaintjob ? here we go....well done ...i think anway - interesting website...Karstens Custom Camo
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