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  1. I adjust my hop-up without removing the rail system, using a small, flat screwdriver and lots of care not scratch the paint, through one of the top vents of the rail.
  2. Thanks for this news, that'll most likely be my next buy!
  3. The barrel is not one piece, the extension can be easily unscrewed and removed, so it can be shortened. The inner barrel is full length though, so would have to be changed or cut down. Yes the version I bought from Landwarrior back in November is full auto. Sorry, I've not tried any other mags in it yet as this is my first and only GBBR, but I will certainly be looking at getting more to add to the collection in the future. Hope this helps.
  4. These are back in stock at Landwarrior now!
  5. Spencerman, in my opinion the trades are really not bad at all, even if they do say Umarex. The rest of the gun is stunning though!
  6. The hop is easy enough to adjust, you can get access to it through the holes in the rails. I'm not sure if there was supposed to be some special tool in the box but you can use a small flat screw driver, you just need to be careful as it is easy to scratch the paint on the adjuster thing.
  7. They are like the German version with the 6mm BB and Umarex license stuff on the other side, but that part is laid out slightly different with just 'Heckler & Koch' instead of Heckler & Koch GmbH'. If you can get past the 6mm BB and Umarex, they do actually look quite good. Over all the HK416 is a really nice bit of kit.
  8. I just received mine this morning from Landwarrior.co.uk (they still have some in stock), I've not had chance to test yet but the externals are very, very nice!
  9. Sorry, forgot to say, I was a bit dubious at first as there didn't seem to be an edge to the sticker so I used a scalpel. It can be a bit tricky, but once you get an edge it will come off easy.
  10. Spencerman, as others have said earlier on in this thread, there are trades beneath the crappy white 6mm BB ones, they are only metallic sticker that fits snug into the space, so appears to be painted/stamped onto the receiver. Once you remove this, you'll find some nice looking H&K trademarks and it changes the look of the gun.
  11. Cheers NikE I was going to look for a CA36K, but quite tempted by a K version of these now, I certainly like the sound of their external build quality from the various reviews I've seen/read.
  12. I'm about to buy a G36K, could somebody please tell me how these compare to the Classic Army G36s? Thank you
  13. They are £20 cheaper at Airsoft Armoury as well, I'm waiting for mine to be delivered today.
  14. These are in stock now at Firesupport and ZeroOne!
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