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  1. Great stuff I think we have a solution then folks Cheers to both for the help Alex
  2. Hi Zentaurus. Nopers its not the prongs that lock, they just butt up against the battery to keep it tight. The locking bits are inside the assembly body of the front-end and lock into the main body of the gun. Hence, the fact that the prongs are too long means that the locking bits dont reach the main gun and there is a gap between front-end and main body. Shortening the prongs by 3mm would mean the front end then locks on perfect-ish. Basically, all the prongs are is spacers against the back of the battery to keep it tight. As the WELL battery is shorter, the spacers need to be lo
  3. Thanks for the info guys. Ok ive taken a photo now. The battery on the right is the WELL one and the battery on the left is Tokyo Marui. As you can see they are slightly different in length but exactly the same in all other aspects. Next to them is the front battery closer thingy with the two plastic prongs that hold the battery in tight. I think removing a few mm of these prongs will enable the TM battery to work fine and then Ill have to glue a packer to the bottom of the WELL battery. The TM one measures 94.70mm from end to end The WELL one measures 91.51mm from end to end
  4. Can I just ask.... Ive just bought a TM battery for mine, the 7.2V Micro EX and the damn thing is about 4mm longer so wont fit in the gun. Has anyone actually managed to get the TM battery to fit yet? Appreciate any advice. Thanks Alex
  5. That was part of what I thought really Sledge. Ive found now that Im not having a speculative look quite as often any more. I think most people have been really wanting this sub-division though so I think we are in the minority. Id prefer it to be best for me but I can understand it has to be best for the forum. Alex
  6. Just a thought on the issue, more a question really. If I click the view-new-posts function is there a way I can restrict this to a forum or sub-forum, eg the sales area. When I click it at the moment it covers the whole site so I have pages after pages, each of which take ages to refresh and so Ive found that It takes too long. If theres a way to view-new-posts-within-sales-forum Id be really grateful to know it as that would solve my problem perfectly. Thanks a lot Alex
  7. I dont want to start a debate about it and am only posting this thought as a way of trying to possibly explain the persons viewpoint, thats all. Im happy to go with the obvious majority on the issue of having the divisions. I know for myself, for some reason (no offence meant Arnie) this site is very very slow for me when opening threads/pages and refreshing them (despite receiving 4mb of an up-to 8mb connection). The time to open each thread, browse, click back, wait for refresh, open next thread etc.. does put me off browsing whereas opening the old single thread was not too bad. Its pu
  8. My post was only intended to put forward one view point in the event it had not been considered. Im totally okay with the fact that the majority of members it seems preffers it this new way and thats okay. I wasnt "Whinning" or have a "problem" with anything I was simply stating one viewpoint that others may or may not have agreed with, end of story.
  9. Hi I noticed that the sales area has been subdiveded into sections such as AEGs, Gear, accessories etc.. I just wanted to post a thought on this and how it would affect my own specific browsing (and so maybe others) and purchases (Though I havent had a lot). I can see that the new way will make it easy to go straight to an AEG if say a person was looking for such an item. For me though, if im looking for something actually specific I tend to use the search function and so it wouldnt really make it any easier. The one thing it would affect is browsing. I often look in to see wh
  10. Thanks loads folks Now safe in the knowledge in that my insanity is not another step closer... at least not for that reason anyway. Thanks Alex
  11. Hi Seems daft this but.... Cant seem to find the edit button anymore?? Does it disappear after a post is a bit old as ive not posted for a few hours, or has it just dissapeared from my view. Daft thing is that I can remember where the button was last time I used it so cant be certain its gone, just cant see it. Thanks Alex EDIT: Bizzarly I just posted this and the edit button is right there. Dont know why I cant see it on my older posts though.
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