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  1. Everything appears back to normal, thanks Arnie.
  2. All I can see is General, Technical, Site News, and Site Discussion.
  3. I don't believe this has been answered yet?
  4. Quick question for anyone in the US. Does anyone have the flak vest and would be willing to make a template of the plates in it for me from cardboard? I'm buying some foam to go in mine as it didn't come with the plates, but I need the exact dimensions so I can cut the foam right to put it in.
  5. Here's some of my work: A few of my favorites from the past year:
  6. I just meant that I wouldn't have much skirmish use for it. For impression though.....hmmmm. Was looking at prices just a moment ago and the mag prices seem pretty prohibitive. Videos on YouTube look fun though:
  7. Tempting as it is, I dont have a use for it, no CQB anywhere around here.
  8. Would you happen to have a closeup of it?
  9. I started this thread 4 years ago and here I am looking for ideas to redo my kit when I finally get back into playing again. Looking into some IdZ stuff, but wondering what pouches I would need to get for a SAW gunner setup with a M249 (I know its not an MG4 but I can hope for a conversion kit??)
  10. 1. If your not a mod don't post here. 2. Its not spam thats being deleted, its regular posts pertaining to the topic.
  11. Well I would look in my recent posts, but its gone. Besides, I've alreayd been warned (unjustly a year ago) so I don't really care. It just ###### me off that a lavender post is deleted without any explanation.
  12. Well it certainly wasn't spam or off topic, and it isn't the first time. A simple "your post was deleted cause it sucked would suffice."
  13. If you're going to delete a post you might as well inform me why. Otherwise I get nothing from it.
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