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  1. Thanks Kullwarrior I was hoping that would be the case!
  2. Hi, couldn't find this anywhere, but does anybody know where I can get the little fake body pins for the lower receiver? I bought one for a custom build and found that they don't come with the fake pin bits! Cheers Tom
  3. Hey, I tried to do a search for this but "f93" was too short a search term. Has anybody tried to fit one of these to a WE m4? http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_Grips_and_Stocks_GBB_Ergo_F93_Pro_Stock_GBB_DE.htm does it have the correct buffer threading? Cheers
  4. I think you can but when we tried to fit a real one onto a m300 clone when they first came out the threading was different.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to test it I really wish they could make one that would do it as i'm not brave enough to use a genuine on in a skirmish! I guess I'm stuck with using a clone 6p with a genuine tailcap.
  6. Does this version come with a clicky tail cap? If so how does it fair compared to the real one. On the older 300 clones the travel was too short and light to use it as a momentary switch like you could on the real one.
  7. Hazarding a guess, this nozzle problem may be known to TM. The o-ring behind the nozzle is a bit special, I don't recall seeing that in any GBB me or my friends have every owned and it's purpose would appear to be reducing the shock on the nozzle when returning to battery. It is also telling that with the o-ring removed the bolt returns fully to battery rather than stopping just short, suggesting that the o-ring was added too late in development to change design or maybe even molds. PS. I'm glad to see you weren't offended enough to just turn and leave arnies. Good on you mate. Some membe
  8. Probably as a result of the combination of forces from the gas and forces from scrapping a bb from the mag, making the nozzle reach a load state dry firing just can't reach ;-)
  9. unless the design is fundamentally flawed ;-) Just kidding, I'm pretty sure someone will make one out of more suitable plastic.
  10. I actually have a PDW but since the trigger box is the same between the two i thought i'd ask here. Is it possible to lighten the trigger pull? I've heard that this is a "realistic" pull for an m4 but for me after years of AEGs and a KJ m4 it just seems too heavy for me and it's making my double taps feel wierd :-S Cheers
  11. Hi, I just read all the way back to page 10 and didn't find much on this so I'll ask Has anyone run their PDW on CO2 extensively? Any problems encountered? Cheers Tome
  12. tome

    KJW M4

    Nice Good luck on your upgrades. Hope it all goes well, I'd totally build a marksman rifle out of a KJ m4 if the results were worth it!
  13. tome

    KJW M4

    Longer barrel plus more power from hammer or gas :-O doesn't a longer barrel in a gas gun already increase power quite significantly (of course this depends on how much gas is released). At least this was what I experienced with Tanaka m700 series sniper rifles.
  14. Those mags look like they learnt a lesson from Tanio Koba ... which of course is a good thing !
  15. I loved my KP III as well. They are probably the most protective kneepads you can reasonably get. I remember at UA I was running for a doorway in the rain and slipped up. My knee hit the edge of the step in front of the door hard enough that I felt and heard the air escape from the foam. I didn't even get a bruise on that knee I doubt many other kneepads would have done quite as well as that. Eventually they start to squeak/scrape at the hinge but nothing a wash and a quick spray of PTFE lube (like GT85) won't fix. I have a slight complaint though, which is the customer support is non-ex
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