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  1. Animal, your gear-fu has exploded... Is that what you wear on a raid? Also, where did you get the tactical pooch?
  2. You're so big that you make that back panel look small!
  3. Given the uparmored Humvee in the background, I'd hazard a guess to say RS...
  4. Chris Costa--lite, I think. You can find him on Facebook.
  5. Eel One: how do you draw the primary mags? Aren't they a bit backwards given that you're a righty?
  6. If I could count optics, mine would go from a $75 AGM M4 GBBR to a $1875 AGM GBBR.... gotta love real steel Elcan SpecterDRs!
  7. Honestly, what you might be able to get away with is the blue jeans and the camo tops for an SF/CIA look... especially if you're going for the 01-02 OEF look.
  8. Sorry, mate... my mistake. I'd heard from reliable sources that it was originally because of not having enough uniforms to go around...
  9. Most of the troops that I'd seen mixing their desert and woodland patterns have been British... a symptom of their not having enough full-desert DPMs to kit out their troops. I personally have never seen it with US troops (other than a few Marines with MARPAT uniforms and old BDU ECWCS).
  10. Picture so small... proper admiration of CAGFAGgery impossible...
  11. You're making baby Jesus cry by putting a grenade launcher on a KAC PDW....
  12. Do you find that the PTT is awkwardly located? It seems really high on the vest.
  13. I've gotta go deal with some Somalis for awhile, so that's no big deal. Just gotta remind me!
  14. I've got an Eagle PC/C in CB and side plate pouches. If you really want it, I think we might be able to work out a compromise...
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