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  1. Top knife maker and strider in the same sentence. Good joke.
  2. If it's only to cut boxes, just go with a boxcutter. Cutting carboard takes a heavy toll on knives, and that's exactly why they invented boxcutters.
  3. On the subject of Spydies, just received a Domino
  4. You can't make knives with potmetal... Probably 3Cr13 or something.
  5. I once bought a clone from there. Was labeled and sold as S35VN (with matching pricetag). I'm pretty sure it was 9cr13mov or some ######. Definitely didn't hold an edge like it should. So yeah, like all chinese products: what they claim the steel to be is also a huge maybe, maybe not. The Kevin John stuff is decent though.
  6. Another ZT for my box.
  7. You're drunk mate. Go home.
  8. And? No one's talking about Strider for the last few pages man. So you have a few Striders, now feel buyers remorse and suddenly need to vent? They're good knives, Bront. And if you don't like giving your money to Mick just get a clone on Dhgate.
  9. Slightly upgraded my ZT0620
  10. It's been a while that i quit airsoft but I wanted to inform the people in the EU that the webshop Zib has stock of some very rare real steal HK parts. HK416 grips, receivers, rails, stock, all kinds of gen mags, G36 stocks, MP5 receiver/stocks, some curved UMP mags etc. I know there are some people here that can go pretty far with their projects so this may be usefull to them - http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Categories/Neulistungen
  11. Looks awesome, I didn't know they sold threaded barrels already? I'd suggest a Madbull Gemtech Trinity. Might not be much bigger but it is a copy of a genuine one.
  12. Argh. You did not spraypaint a HK417. You did not put Magpul tupperware on a HK417. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. I'll be waking up any second now.
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