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  1. infected

    Pics of your Gear

    I used to use a carabiner to hold my first mag. I'd have all my pouches loaded up, and a carabiner with one extra mag loaded up. When we went out into the field I'd put that mag into my gun so as to not be down a mag at the beginning of a game. As far as using it as a dump pouch... all that rattling would get on my nerves!
  2. Bought a USP .45 off of him. Everything arrived as described and the shipping was fast. He responded to PMs very quickly. Highly recomended seller!

  3. The MOSFETs from infected are well worth the $25. I have one installed on my m4, and have already recommended them to my friends after only having in on for a few days. Turns the gun into a total beast.

  4. infected

    M14 Picture Thread

    that's the hardest way in the world to do this. Just remove the connector bar between the selector and the cutoff lever on the left side. BAm.... now it's semi-only. All it requires is removing two screws. It's the part shown already removed at the top of this picture:
  5. infected

    What's your backup?

    Last game out (yesterday) I had my M249 as a primary, and my MP7 as my backup and then as a back up to that, my USP .45 (I have bad luck sometimes and need as many guns as possible to make it though a skirmish )
  6. infected

    What's your backup?

    that's just to keep people from getting too "touchy feely".
  7. infected

    What's your backup?

    My USP .45 got a work out the other day when my M4 failed (short in the wiring), and my M249 failed (bad battery charger killed the battery). I love it.... although my TM Sig P226 just came in the mail today.... might give my USP a run for it's money. We'll just have to see when I get some more propane!
  8. infected

    What's your backup?

    If I'm playing cqb with my M249, then my back up is a TM MP7. For all other scenarios it's my KWA USP .45

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